Sente Pola

Sente Pola

Species: Human
Career: Drug Trader

Pronouns: He/Him
Appearance: Dressed in an opulent gold vest.

Sente Pola operates some illicit trading on Bakura.

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Sente has set himself up well enough on Bakura to have a warehouse and some ongoing deals, including with Pentu and Tina. It has also been discovered that he works with a brother named Jente under a Hutt named Malto.


Sente hired the crew of the Redshift Runner to bring some crates of namana candies to a contact of his on Jakku, claiming his previous three shipments had been intercepted by the Imperials. However, Pentu and three hired hands were already taking those crates "to be destroyed." When asked about this afterward, Sente pleaded innocence, claiming that Pentu must have been stealing the crates.

However, the crew once again encountered deception when Tina revealed that she had just received an identical shipment.

Once Malto the Hutt had been informed of these activities, he was convinced to seek repayment: either proof of Sente's death or the 40,000 credit value of the shipment.


This character appears in the following episodes:
I. A Done Deal
II. Onto Bigger Things
III. Clash of the Captains

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