An outer rim planet, known for its hot, humid temperature and being the homeworld of the Twi'lek.

Key Details

Feena's home world.



Feena was born and raised here to a political family. As the Twi'lek homeworld this planet has made itself relevant despite its location on the outer rim, with trade routes leading to and from it. The spice mines attract a significant Hutt presence - a situation now centuries-old.


Irrica placed a bounty on Rigel's head, demanding a meeting at an unknown location which turned out to be Ryloth. Due to some difficult complications involving The Redshift Runner's history and Captain Velkar's seeming grudge, Feena's family is now under threat of losing their political standing should the 91-B medical droid not be delivered.


This location appears in the following episodes:
VIII. Face of the Enemy
IX. A Dangerous Thing

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