Rigel Mereen

Rigel Mereen


Art By: ___

Species: Human
Career: Smuggler
Specialization(s): Pilot

Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 34
Appearance: Pasty, 5'2" and husky. Facial and physical tics, watery green eyes, sandy-blond, thin hair.

Rigel is a pilot!

Early Life

Rigel grew up on Denon, where he earned money for his family by learning to repair weapons, droids, ships, and speeders. But when the opportunity came to learn to fly, he jumped at the chance to get away from his responsibilities and never looked back.

Rigel was given the Redshift Runner (his ship) by a "friend" Tinian Panaka: when the heat got to be too much, they asked Rigel to "hold onto her for me" before going to lay low. Now Rigel's got a modded ship with some personality, but isn't sure when his friend will be back to collect the ship… or a favour.

After finding himself on the wrong side of a bunch of rough folks at a cantina, Rigel was saved by a mediating mercenary, and soon after they became fast friends.


Rigel has recently found himself shuttling Melba and Feena, allies whose work always keeps him employed too.

Character Sheet


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