Nar Shaddaa

Located in the Outer Rim, Nar Shaddaa is a moon of the Hutt home world known for its lawlessness.

Key Details

Where the crew of the Redshift Runner sought Malto the Hutt, and first encountered Kitryyhn.

  • The Searchlight, Hanka the Hutt's high-class nightclub, is very close to one of the ports.



As a satellite of the Hutt home world of Nal Hutta, this moon became home to major underworld activities and extensive urban sprawl.


Known as a good place to go looking for a Hutt, the crew of the Redshift Runner set their sights on this planet in an effort to untangle the mystery surrounding Sente Pola's misinformation. There they met Malto the Hutt and brokered a deal to either bring him proof of Sente's death or the money they should have earned in their initial trade deal with Sente.


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