Species: Wookie
Career: (unknown)

Pronouns: He/Him
Appearance: Good at attracting a crowd to listen.

A Wookie with a bounty on his head from the Empire.

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Spotted alongside Kitryyhn on Nar Shaddaa, the Empire wants him for connection to the Rebel Alliance. Kitryyhn, when confronted on the matter, solely didn't want him to know her whereabouts.


Lobaku was first encountered talking to a crowd in a rooftop restaurant, telling them all the ways to convince the Empire to consider them friends. After noticing rapt attention from Feenam'ersu, the two of them sat down for a chat once he was done. Unfortunately for him, Melba was after his bounty, and caught him on his way out of the restaurant, with help from Rigel.


This character appears in the following episodes:
III. Clash of the Captains
IV. The Fugitive Voice

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