Species: Wookie
Career: (Unknown)

Pronouns: She/Her
Appearance: Wears a band of fabric over her bandolier, carries a bowcaster.

A Wookie who demanded passage off of Nar Shaddaa on the Redshift Runner.

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She may have a history with Imperial soliders (or perhaps it is just due to their historical treatment of her kind), and wants to steer clear of the Core Worlds. She was previously in the company of a wookiee named Lobaku


Having bartered passage on the Redshift Runner, she warmed up to the crew on their travel toward Bakura, to the point of assisting them in retrieving Sente. When Melba took on a bounty for the capture of Lobaku, she asked that he never find out where she was.


This character appears in the following episodes:
II. Onto Bigger Things
III. Clash of the Captains
IV. The Fugitive Voice

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