Species: Hutt
Career: Nightclub Owner

Pronouns: He/Him
Appearance: A wealthy Hutt, accompanied by a protocol droid.

Owner of a high-class nightclub on Nar Shaddaa

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Hanka was the owner of The Searchlight nightclub on Nar Shaddaa.


After being charmed by Feena, Hanka told the Crew where to find Malto in exchange for them delivering a data crystal to the other side of the moon.

When the crew later returned to meet with Malto, both Hutts were killed in an attack by a mysterious brown-clad figure as well as a squad of Imperials, for which the crew was framed.


This character appears in the following episodes:
II. Onto Bigger Things
III. Clash of the Captains
VIII. Face of the Enemy

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