Located in the Outer Rim, this planet is known for manufacturing repulsor lift coils and being home to the Namana tree.

Key Details

Bakura is known as a major trading hub, with a few spots of particular interest to our story:

  • Sente Pola's warehouse
  • A noodle stand, right outside Sente's warehouse


  • Sente Pola, a drug smuggler
  • Pentu, hired by Sente to move namana candies
  • The noodle shop owner


A temperate planet rich in natural resources, it is home to an important space port and lends its name to the surrounding region within the Outer Rim.


Bakura is still bustling with commercial activity, despite frequent inspections from Imperial soldiers.


This location appears in the following episodes:
I. A Done Deal
II. Onto Bigger Things
III. Clash of the Captains

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