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Do the cameras in the Exhaust have sound? If not does Kyoko know anyone who can, or can she read lips? Has Sophia ever spent the Willpower to be able to enter Patches dreams from anywhere?

Questions from 103 by dannylilly2000dannylilly2000, 28 Nov 2019 06:52

LOVE these! ♥♥♥

- Kate
Re: Changeling Limericks by Zen_r0b0Zen_r0b0, 10 May 2019 22:48

Version 2 because if I don't write them down they don't get out of my head!

A tale of Sophia Ap Liam
Who loves both beauty and freedom
An enemy falls
When nature she calls
But first she would try to redeem them

Hail Patches, the kith with a plan!
Craft wonders and slay monsters she can!
She may start a fight
When being "polite"
But you want her when shit hits the fan!

Oh hear of Sir Braum the Troll
Whose time at Abford took its toll
But his motley ignited
and the branch reunited
Now fighting banality is his role!

Re: Changeling Limericks by AuldeGriffonAuldeGriffon, 08 May 2019 14:32

So yeah, had fun on the Full Party discord and figured I'd show Changeling some love. Hope you enjoy!

Have you heard of Sophia the Sidhe?
A little obsessed with beauty
But more than she seems
A Master of Dreams
And her parties are THE site to see!

Have you heard of Patches the Knocker?
A gunsmith and excellent mocker
She may seem uncouth
When telling the truth
But with her your enemies you'd conquer!

Have you heard of Sir Braum the Knight?
A Troll of great justice and might
With a mind that did fray
After killing dear Kay
But now he is back in the fight!

Changeling Limericks by AuldeGriffonAuldeGriffon, 08 May 2019 13:41

Hirgo. HIRGO. ….no more needed. Just… fething Hirgo!!! (He's a BRILLLLLIANT character, Jon!)

/Elenaria ni Aesin

Be like Granny Weatherwax. Walk in certainty that darkness holds nothing more terrible than you are.

I know that pain so well.
Creating the character: "Oh, I'll make this character straight! That'll be a challenge to play, a break from myself, something unusual and an interesting thing to explore!"
Playing the character: "….why the hell did I do this now I want to Mary Sue everything and toss my character out and just romance everyone all at once all the time, how CAN this character keep being hetero and mono and everything?!"

I admire you sticking to your guns, I admire everyone staying true to their character concept. And as much as I might wish things were different…. I can't go against canon, even in fan-content. It's just a Thing. But I can still dream and imagine! Also, Patches has excellent taste in what men to take to bed. There may be some fanart percolating in my head and sketches for PatchRaig, or what the ship name may be…

/Elenaria ni Aesin

Be like Granny Weatherwax. Walk in certainty that darkness holds nothing more terrible than you are.

Re: Head canons? by ElenariaElenaria, 10 Dec 2018 22:43

It's so hard to keep Patches straight. So many characters that are so attractive for so many reasons. She'd probably flex for NB/trans. But she's pretty close to a 0 on the Kinsey scale. :(
So Kate just has to STFU and not give in to all of the lovely lady NPCs.

- Kate
Re: Head canons? by Zen_r0b0Zen_r0b0, 10 Dec 2018 20:56

…in my tiny, whiny, grumpy headcanon, Patches is TOTALLY not straight (although so far I'm only absolutely sure she's not into cis women, trans women and nonbinary people miiiight be in - but I see no hints of it) and Braum isn't monogamous (srsly I have a hard time breaking that canon, I really do… I WANT it to be otherwise but it's just too depressingly fitting).

Also I need a hawt satyr to fangush over, that ISN'T a you-know-what.

/Elenaria ni Aesin

Be like Granny Weatherwax. Walk in certainty that darkness holds nothing more terrible than you are.

Re: Head canons? by ElenariaElenaria, 06 Dec 2018 21:04

Ugh, YES. So daaaamn good! No need to be caught up on the rest of the timeline either. Braum is SUCH a kind and nice teenager, with everything bad that comes with being like that, and Patches is so mind-bogglingly cool and badass and honestly perfection, and Sophia makes us all want to swear fealty to her five-year-old self and awwwwww that ending scene ;_;

I can't say which one I liked the best. I might have to add them to my little list of "things to rewatch when needing cheering up and magic in my life."

/Elenaria ni Aesin

Be like Granny Weatherwax. Walk in certainty that darkness holds nothing more terrible than you are.

Re: Chrysalis sessions by ElenariaElenaria, 06 Dec 2018 20:22

(Yeah time for me to light this forum on fire a bit. We don't use it as much as we should. Get on that!)

So yeah, it's going to be my last "official" live performance in that format before I move on to podcast producing and performing and all that good stuff.

Two topics here:

1- What would you like to hear on that last show? Any favorite moments from the old format

2- What do you hope I'll be doing with the podcast? More guests? More in-character performances? More rpg stuff? More real life stuff? Short duration more topic-focused? Longer duration with more topics?

If you haven't watched them yet… do so. Immediately.

Because they're so good. Each player shines in their own special way, each character shines in their own special way.

Big shout out to my man Scotty for capturing my teenage years so effin' well.

Chrysalis sessions by Viking_LoViking_Lo, 06 Dec 2018 03:56

Oh, DEFINITELY the Nocker flaw. Extra fun because he probably hates all of the songs even more because of it! And the Dreaming is being a cheeky bastard about it. Which I love.

/Elenaria ni Aesin

Be like Granny Weatherwax. Walk in certainty that darkness holds nothing more terrible than you are.

Re: Elevator Music by ElenariaElenaria, 30 Nov 2018 12:09

Hi folks,

Here is our schedule for the holiday season:
Sunday December 9 - Changeling: The Streaming Episode 58
Sunday December 16 - Changeling: The Streaming Episode 59
Sunday December 23 - OFF
Sunday December 30 - Changeling: The Streaming Episode 60
Sunday January 06 - Changeling: The Streaming Episode 61

That's right - we're only missing the one Sunday!

- Kate

And I think it's the Nocker flaw from Zistor's building it… but The Dreaming has made it more than just a random tune.

- Kate
Re: Elevator Music by Zen_r0b0Zen_r0b0, 25 Nov 2018 15:38

I think they have cheeky meaning every time. Sometimes foreshadowing, sometimes teasing.

/Elenaria ni Aesin

Be like Granny Weatherwax. Walk in certainty that darkness holds nothing more terrible than you are.

Re: Elevator Music by ElenariaElenaria, 04 Nov 2018 13:24

My question here is, do the musical squeaks from the elevator that lead to balefire at The Spark have any meaning in the moment for the characters inside the lift at the moment the songs "play"? Is it Jon just being silly? are these "songs" on a chimerical playlist? Is it The Spark or Xistor trying to say something to the characters inside?

Your thoughts?

Elevator Music by angelwickangelwick, 16 Oct 2018 17:37

* A few weeks later, the stairs in front of a court house *

Cassandra's pacing like a caged animal. Francine's in Lisette arms, crying. Bernadette is a ways away, just standing there, eyes looking at nothing, in complete shock. And I… well I really thought we had a shot. There was only one way to get Francine’s son back in her custody, and that was playing the human legal game. Longstride comes down the stairs straight at me. I know that face. When Longstride isn’t smiling, it’s always a bad sign.

“They stacked the deck” he says, almost out of breath.

Of course they did. It’s the why that, if I’m right about this, pisses me off.

“I saw at least two kithain in there, they tried to evade my sight but I’m absolutely certain glamour was used too” the Eshu continues, looking away.

I should’ve known. But we can’t stop trying the “correct” way. This could’ve worked. It should’ve worked. Bernadette’s legal contacts are solid, and the girl can work a computer better than anyone I know.

Fucking Sidhe. Goddamn fucking Sidhe. Capricious, arrogant, self-absorbed hobgoblins the lot of them. Francine could’ve had visitation rights, at the very least… but no. Of course not. She asked us to save her kid from very real danger. We did. We did because it was the right thing to do. We didn’t ask anything in return.

Hell, I had a great lunch too, that time.

Ah yes… there it is. That’s what our enemies wanted all along. There’s a snake of a thought slithering through my brain… a very familiar one. Lisette almost immediately looks my way, as if she could read my mind.

She can’t.

She can read my heart though.

It’s not my fault. I’m not responsible for these nobles’ power trip. They’re fucking with Francine’s life to get to us, to set an example. Associate with rebels and we take everything you have, including family, away. What happens when Bobby chrysalises? Suburban dad takes care of it?

What if the kid does indeed chrysalises and become a Troll? A Pooka? A Sluagh?

Fuck… what if he… what if he… what if he becomes a Redcap?

I don’t know how these things work… what if, because I was there, because I did what I did to save him… what if that somehow left an… aura or something… and he… he…

I can feel it. Hunger. It rises inside of me. I want to fight. I want to hurt. I want to bleed. I want to destroy everything. That trashcan is getting kicked, for a start, and then I’m gonna take it and smash that car’s windshield over there. And then someone’s gonna want to stop me. There’s always someone. And then I’m gonna punch that someone in the face.



A big red hand slaps me on the shoulder and then grips it tight.

I turn around, my face all monstrous.

Cassandra’s never been scared of me. Or at least she’s never showed it. She doesn’t have to say a word, her eyes do most of the talking in any circumstance anyway. The Hunger remains… but I work hard at shifting its focus. Hopefully it works for us again.

First things first: we take care of Francine. She’s one of us now, they made her one of us. That and someone passed the ultimate test to join The Merry Motley. I walk over to Bernadette.

She almost jumps when she realizes I’m standing next to her.

“Sir Bartok I’m sorry… I was so sure that…” she whispers.

“Drop the Sir. You’re one of us now” I say.

She looks at me like a confused puppy, blinking.

“You have acquired the final requirement to join”

“What’s that?”

I smile sadly and take her hands in mine.

“You gave it your all, everything that you had, with all your talent and a lot of heart… and you failed. That’s what it takes to be one of us. That knowledge. That’s its possible to loose even if you gave it your best.”

She starts crying softly and buries her face against my shoulder.

“It’s alright. That allows you to get to the next part, which is just as important as the first one.”

She looks up at me. I smile.

“Trying again.”

Whispers of Promises - End

What if all the PCs from both games were hanging out at a pork bun stand?
What if the Changeling:TS PCs were the ones to enter the Imperial Manse?
What if Changeling:TS was a film noir?
What if Braum was king of Concordia?
What if Sophia became a vampire?
What if Patches was head of the Grand Bes Din?

Re: What If Wednesday by Kaiser_OmnikKaiser_Omnik, 20 Aug 2018 14:55

Claude when he joined the Red Branch
Kaylie after Beltane
Claire right now
Ramzia when she lived at the Spark
Rick when he was still in Braum's head
Elevator Slug during his first day working at the Chateau Frontenac

Eyes Alight in 2018
Rain-after-storms in 2018 or right after the pact made by Jorek
Quiet Word right before he met the other Solars in Chirascuro
Sola at the time of Exaltwitch Day 59

"Well I'm pretty good at-"

She stopped short as he suddenly stepped forward.

"I'm going to tell you what you bring to the table: a whole bunch of a mess, I'll bet. No one goes outlaw for ideals and dreams except the criminally insane. You have problems that you either want to escape or want your new outlaw buddies to fix. That it, sweetheart? We've heard it all before. Spit it out. It's alright. Let it aaaaaaall out. Worse thing that can happen at this point is that I'm right and not surprised at all."

Bernadette's eyes went left and right as she was struggling to find the right words for the situation.

"Come on, little girl. Don't be shy. I'm not the boogieman… I'm the monster who the boogieman is scared of. Who's your boogieman?"

She stuttered, as if an unknown time limit was drawing to a close.





With it each word, it seemed the room was shaken by an earthquake.

"I KNOW HOW TO GET BOBBY!" She finally yelled (as much as Sluagh can yell, really), eyes closed, arms risen in front of her face.

A moment went by, she risked opening an eye, then two. Bartok was back on his stool, lighting a cigarette, a wide grin on his face. And to Bernadette's amazement, they weren't alone in the room anymore. They were all there. The Merry Motley. Lisette the Pooka, the Queen of Fudge, Pooka Pan, playing hopscotch in the middle of the room. Lady Cassandra the Crimson, arms crossed, her tall and muscular troll form crouched in a corner of the room, head bent to the side in order to fit in. Longstride, the Smiling Prince, eyes full of stars as eshu sometimes have, a bit of sand on his great blue robes, looking through the alcohol bottles on the shelf. And finally, Francine, the Vengeful Mother, the most recent member of the troupe, hands on her hips, looking at her intensely.

It was again Bartok who spoke in that monstrous voice.

"Why didn't you say so before? Sit down, Bernie , we're gonna have a nice chat."

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