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That's… going to be difficult to answer, considering the circumstances. Kay was and still is the greatest friend I've ever had, the closest thing to a wife too… and so… well… since she's…

*sigh* I promised All-Fates-Saved that I would process this better.

I'm just going to answer the question as best I can.

I first met She-Who-Knows-Ten-Thousand-Things in a tavern, actually. After I retired from the soldier's life I built the cabin in which I live near a small town in the north-east. From time to time I'd spend a day or two there to resupply and maintain a semblance of social life, help out the locals with anything I could. With my professional experience, naturally I was asked to help train the local militia, which I did in exchange for supplies. Not a bad deal for an aging ex-soldier going back to his first love of painting. Eventually I even took part in the town's defense against local bandits and the occasional beast-men raid.

Of course, my involvement didn't go unnoticed, especially after I exalted. Most warriors of renown in the region came directly to my cabin to challenge me and test themselves. Most times I'd turn them away, but sometimes I would say yes, hoping perhaps to have a dissuasive effect on the local threats. It worked, for a time.

For those in the known and curious about such things, this is the period in which my famous fight with Starlight Dove happened. But that's a story for another time. Plus… Lady Starlight tells the tale much more entertainingly than I can.

But on this one day, a band of travelers stopped in town at the tavern, in which I happened to be enjoying the most recent batch of yak stew (Three Stones Tavern in Stonefork, if you're ever there, try the spiced potatoes, they're the best). They started bullying the staff and being inappropriate with the women. That's not something you want to try around me. Ever.

I stood up and spoke up. Knives and clubs came out. There was a brawl, which spilled in the streets. I had underestimated their resolve -and their numbers-. These were mortals, mind you, so I didn't want to go all out on them. I wanted to run them off, not kill or maim them outright.

Fortunately, I had help.

The most unlikely little piece of a woman you've ever seen, barefoot in the snow and mud, long bright blond hair and eyes as big as moons. She came out of nowhere, clawing at them with what seemed like a suffering annoyance, hitting some of them with her haversack which she swung like a giant flail. I was so surprised that I got distracted and perhaps got roughed up a little more than should've.

She helped me walk back to my cabin and tended my wounds. We talked a lot. Well… she talked a lot. But I was wise enough at that moment to listen to everything. And ask questions. She stayed with me for almost a month after that.

I loved her instantly. Her energy, her enthusiasm, the way she would get in trouble for the smallest of quirks. I don't think I've laughed so hard and smiled so much before or since. She made sense of a lot of things for me, especially my exaltation and the role I was to play in Creation. She saw to it that I traveled a bit and broadened my horizons.

We had our simpler, quieter moments as well. Sitting on the grass, back to back, her head resting between my shoulders. We talked about everything, about nothing, about dreams, about us. If wish I could've stopped time back then, to stay with her and just… exist in our same space in which nothing else mattered. But that was not to be.

She made me feel… hell… she still makes me feel like I'm the greatest man in Creation.

Which I'm not, thank the Gods.

Daily life in that friendship in Creation?

Well, I didn't see her most of the year. She was off doing ten thousand things in ten thousand places, pun intended. She would show up at the cabin out of the blue, stay for a few days, sometimes a few weeks, usually in the summer, and leave. She would never tell me when she'd come back, but she always told me for how long she'd hope to stay.

She would almost always arrive at night, always going through the same window (which I would always leave at least a little bit opened even in the winter) in her owl form and perch herself on my left shoulder. She would never perch on the right because that's connected to my painting hand and she didn't want to mess up my work. She would then transform back into her woman-form and fall on my lap if I was sitting or in my arms if I was standing.

Oh she was a little guttersnipe of a prankster too… Everyone knows her passionate disdain for shoes and boots. In the north that's kind of a problem because, well, you know… it gets hell of cold around here. She would only steal and hide my boots in the warmer months, but she would get awfully creative the rest of the year. She filled them with berries on more than one occasion, painted them all sorts of colors, preferably ridiculous bright pastels, but her favorite thing to do, by far, was to use them as an elaborate hat and do a somewhat accurate impression of me, usually waking me up in the morning so I could cook breakfast for her. That woman and bacon… oh boy.

I'm… going to stop now, if you don't mind. This is getting difficult.

*From the table in the corner, Lo gestures for Kaylin to come forward*

Re: The Corner by Viking_LoViking_Lo, 20 Nov 2017 04:15

*Peers in* … *Narrows eyes*

*Sees if she can bust out accents for Lo.* :P

Re: The Corner by KaylinSilverfurrKaylinSilverfurr, 18 Nov 2017 00:48

Howdy folks,

As per the description, here are a selection of my character sheets and how I keep them organized. All images have been linked from Imgur, and I suggest others to do the same so they're not clogging down the bandwidth on the forums here. :)

I have four in today (3 D&D, 1 WoD) which I will do as separate posts.

First; Andulia Forestwalker, Wood Elf Druid of the Land
Basically a 1 inch black binder I got for cheap. The mini was painted with watered down craft acrylic paint.

Yes, my character sheet is usually a mess with scrawled notes, reagents that are important to note, etc.

Spell sheet. The only ones I actually write out are the ones that I have access to automatically because of my class and Circle. I did the same with my Cleric class. They're the "Auto memorized" spells. I basically write down which spells I choose for the day in whiteboard marker, so when I use them or the spell slot for another purpose, I can erase it off the sheet.

I've also separate tabs for Animal Forms, Cantrips, 1st-9th level spell descriptions so I know what I have access to.

I organized my forms via challenge rating so I knew what I could and couldn't do.

Now, my PhB is also full of tabs for the character classes in case I have to quickly reference something.


Hmm, I thought you'd specifically clarified on Sunday that she was there. Kyoko can do what she wants. I'm holding onto my theory.

Re: Samhain! by eiragweneiragwen, 16 Nov 2017 01:04

A reminder: Kyoko wasn't with the group who left to prank Kenwyn. She stayed behind with Braum.

*ducks out*

"I think, therefore I am. I dream, therefore I matter."

Re: Samhain! by Jon VerrallJon Verrall, 16 Nov 2017 00:31

#Bryoko - Purely because Lies x Honesty makes for a good dramatic pairing.
#Bray - Retired ship that may be revealed through memories?

I'm struggling to ship Sophia with anyone, and probably always will because of the nature of her character.

I don't ship #PUKE, though I like that relationship.

Re: Battleships by eiragweneiragwen, 15 Nov 2017 21:49

Alright, the crew of Trickers headed to Kenwyn's in order to make for themselves a treat and the following things occurred:

  • Kyoko and Patches had a spat over who would obtain entry to Kenwyn's hotel room with Kyoko winning out because she 'has never broken into a hotel room before and would like a chance to try. :|'
  • Tallus and Sophia raided the mini-bar for all of the candy while the rest of the crew short-sheeted the bed and put toothpaste into Kenwyn's shampoos and conditioners, etc.
  • Kenwyn came back early with a date (who fled: Tallus is on the hunt for them to schmooze them)
  • During a multi-way argument about the goings on which resulted in fisticuffs between Incisor and Kenwyn, a gate suddenly opened up from the Dreaming and Little One popped out — Sophia learned from Little One that she had somehow sensed some distress.
  • Kenwyn immediately wanted to contact the Duchess about the DRAGON IN HIS ROOM. Incisor pointed out that it was in HIS room.
  • Little One jumped out the window and glided to the ground.
  • Chase scene with all (sans Tallus and Kenwyn's date) working to catch Little One.
  • During the chase, Little One managed her first real Ice Breath!! And froze Kenwyn, who had grabbed onto her tail, solid.
  • Kyoko mentioned she had a large bathtub and shower and the group moved Kenwyn to Kyoko's apartment and put him into the shower with the hot water running over him to help him thaw.
  • Kyoko left to hack the Four Seasons security cameras to remove evidence of their antics.
  • Incisor left briefly and returned with a hazmat suit and offered to just get rid of Kenwyn entirely. No one took her up on the offer and she sulked off for the night.
  • Tea was brewed, but Patches decided it was better to get Little One away from Kenwyn in case he woke up.
  • Little One opened another gate into the Dreaming when Patches stepped into her loft and escaped again.
  • Once Little One was secured, Patches was too worn out to figure out how to get out of the Dreaming and they fell asleep.
Re: Samhain! by eiragweneiragwen, 15 Nov 2017 21:43

I can't help but think… that Talus… might… be… duplicitous. Or playing more than one game at a time. Or playing for more than one team at a time. That's only a gut feeling though.

Re: Samhain! by Viking_LoViking_Lo, 15 Nov 2017 03:52

Little One was back at Patches' place. So did she turn in for the night and then something else came up? Or did Little One fly out the door when she got home and it somehow led into the Dreaming? Or maybe Patches got home and Fala was there trying to nab Little One?

Where are our missing NPCs? I'm guessing we'll get those details in the coming sessions, but for now we can theorise!

- Kate
Re: Samhain! by Zen_r0b0Zen_r0b0, 15 Nov 2017 02:32

From Amber Squirrel:

How Lo met 10k and how he's been influenced by her?

What's daily life like in that friendship in Creation?

All you need is just the right amount of cush.

Kenwyn was there and wasn't supposed to be there. I say Sophia panicked and punched him straight in the face and, to everyone's surprise, knocked him out cold. Hot damn.

Further panic ensued, with Patches adopting the "I should probably stop this… but I kinda wanna see where this is going" attitude with a crooked smile.

The use of glamour and the mini-bar might have been involved here. Liquid courage and all that. And then just… a tornado of bad ideas and old school Unseelie shenanigans.

Re: Samhain! by Viking_LoViking_Lo, 14 Nov 2017 19:24

Ok everyone, I want to hear your best speculations as to what went down that fateful night. As silly or well-researched as you want.
Disclaimer: We'll probably never know what actually happened.

I think that the party sauntered off to the hotel, fully expecting to find an empty room that they could mess with. Kenwyn actually being there was an unexpected surprise, so they improvised (uh oh) and brought him back to the Spark. I personally think he was already in his underoos when they found him, maybe sleeping off an earlier party?

So at least Sophia brings him back (somehow? She must have had help), but maybe they see Fala and Patches decides to tail her into the Dreaming again? Decides to bring Little One for some reason?

Maybe Braum decided to try and stop the prank but ended up talking to Fala? Or in some kind of altercation?

Where the freak did everyone else go?


When in doubt: pork buns.

Samhain! by ElizabethanealeElizabethaneale, 14 Nov 2017 16:56

Fowl Play? We will be meeting an Avian Pooka?

Re: State of The Duchy by Kol DrakeKol Drake, 04 Nov 2017 18:15

So. Going to the Duchess's place?
A bigass hotel? That place is the freaking Grand Budapest in size. How do anyone keep secrets from the prying eyes of the mortals?!

Aaaaanywyas. Where do we think this is heading? Because I'm suspecting foul play.

- KungFuFenris

Re: State of The Duchy by KungFuFenrisKungFuFenris, 01 Nov 2017 11:00

I assumed the giraffe was Benji


Re: The Corner by Dev_AshleyGraceDev_AshleyGrace, 23 Oct 2017 22:02

I find it strange that while we discuss the alcoholic/non-alcoholic nature of the drinks and throw darts at Fiddy Dirge, no one questions why there is a giraffe ordering drinks for people.

Pwynt y gêm yw cael hwyl

Re: The Corner by Mr_BadmekMr_Badmek, 23 Oct 2017 16:32


(Well, not Braum. EYYY OHHHHH)

When in doubt: pork buns.

Re: State of The Duchy by ElizabethanealeElizabethaneale, 23 Oct 2017 15:23

lemme enjoy my cocoa in peace darn it


Re: The Corner by Dev_AshleyGraceDev_AshleyGrace, 22 Oct 2017 21:28

Isn't that just regular cocoa?

- KungFuFenris

Re: The Corner by KungFuFenrisKungFuFenris, 18 Oct 2017 08:28
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