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Concerning Zistor

Great. Whoever made the call to give this guy a Freehold must've been really desperate to either A) get rid of that Freehold or B) Get rid of Zistor. If the Duke was lucky that time, he achieved both.

Alright look. I like Nockers. Speaking for myself, part of being a Redcap and being functional about it is recognizing that we've got kinks and bumps in our character and that sometimes we have to manage them in certain ways to get things moving and working, yeah? Nockers don't do that. Especially old Nockers. And Dreaming knows they've got their own special kinks and bumps. But they just "f-this" and "f-that" and get away with it. And boy do they know it.

That's because they've got talent, see. Tools, machines, weapons, etc. Hell I knew a Nocker in Florida who cooked the most insanely divine cupcakes (I never asked what the sprinkles were though). Whatever they set their mind to, they focus so intensely on that they end up achieving sooner than later… with a few imperfections here and there, I'll grant ya, but much like Boggans, they're all about that hard work. You gotta respect that.

But contrary to Boggans, who generally are quite pleasant to have around, Nockers make it almost a priority to be rude. Do you know how that sounds to a Redcap? We're considered rude by default (ok, most of us are) and we have to fight that cliché constantly and they just cuss along like it was ladies' night at the Sailor's Delight (great place, check it out). It perplexes me. Must be the white face and hair. And the swirls.

Zistor, as much as he's talented, as much as he recognized that he needed an apt pupil (and Patches is APT AF)… he has one major flaw. I've seen other old Nockers stuck in that mindset… I've seen old Nockers get whacked (and I do mean the wiseguy term here) because of that mindset.

He thinks he can fix everything. By himself. Problem? He figures out a solution and he's absolutely sure it's the best one and the right one because, by default, everybody else is an idiot who doesn't know anything. And then it happens. He looses sight of the bigger picture, he gets paranoid, secretive… and suddenly there he is. Stuck in place. Trying to make things work. But he can't.

That's how he was betrayed. That's how the fucking Dauntain got him.

And now, everyone around him pays the price. Everyone has to live with that shadow at their backs. Because Zistor was absolutely certain he had it all figured out.

Heads up, old man. No one figures shit out on their own. No one completely figures shit out, period.

I thought one so experienced and so goddamn talented, one that I confess to admire, would've learned that at some point through the years.


Concerning Xaeron

Whereas Braum is currently forging a second legend for himself, Xaeron's just getting started. For all his good looks and great skill, he seems to know this all too well.

I'm sorry, you were expecting me to bash him because he's Sidhe? The thought had occurred to me, especially since he's Arcadian Sidhe. Not gonna lie, them pretty boys got it comin' most times. I'm sure Xaeron could probably irritate me.

For the moment though… I have to be honest and admit that he intrigues me. He could possibly give me hope. He's been taught right, that's for sure, and he's wrestling with doubt oftentimes… so that's a nice growing pains balance. He could become one of the greats. I'd like to test some parts of that, just to see if I could learn a thing or two and teach him a thing or two. Ooooohhh to imagine the faces of the court if I were to best him at anything is a fucking delight.

Now as to if he SHOULD become one of the greats? I don't know. There's something about him… can't quite put my tooth on it… I'm not sure I can trust him. There's something… too convenient here, too… fairy tale.

We'll have to keep an eye on him.

Concerning Claude

He's Unseelie? Really? Damn. Didn't know that.

Of course that makes me like him even more. I mean, I like Boggans, I really do. If you ask me, they're the ones that really make things work in our layer of the world. Take the Boggans and all they're doing out of the equation one day. The next, it's utter chaos, guaranteed. Although some of my kind might see this as a great prospect, I sure as fuck don't. To be quite honest, ever since we got our own Boggan in the motley I don't know how we used to manage without her.

Claude's a special case. Most Unseelie Boggans are, really. Like me he seems to strongly resist all that PC bullshit. Like me he likes to get things done and has little patience for people who simply get in the way of necessities. And like me, not to blow my own horn here, he likes to turn the charm on once in a while. An old smoothie, that one, when the fancy strikes him.

Sure, he can be cranky, and that accent only really brings that forward if you ask me, but he's crankily reliable. That's a big thing for me, being reliable.

The accent thing? Well he's French. Not French Canadian. French. He's going through two cultural barriers to do his job: French to French Canadian, and then to Anglo Canadian. Wow. Just saying that right now, hell, I'd be cranky once in a while too in his position.

Yeah… he deserves a fucking medal, that one. Just don't tell him I said that, it's fit to have him be cross with me right off the bat.

I should really find out what his drink of choice is. Is he into cigars? He seems like the kind of guy who enjoys a good cigar from time to time.

Concerning Incisor

She's made some tough choices for herself. And I can guarantee it, there are more to come. She chooses the difficult path, always. There's something admirable about that… except… I can't help but feel that she's making those choices because she feels that there is no other way for her to be who she wants to be.

Does she know who she is? I don't think so. I don't think she realizes how much she matters to us.

Look, I've said it before, Redcaps have it rough. We have a well-deserved bad reputation that we even cultivated for a long time. Some of us revel in that and become the monsters people think us to be. And some of us are monsters, for sure. Then again… and I know that first hand… even some Sidhe are monsters too.

Incisor chose which rules she wanted to play by. She decided that duty would hold her hunger in check. Most times… she's right. Duty, for the Seelie, is a big thing. Duty's a good thing… but in my experience, it can't be the only thing. If it's the only thing… well any one thing being the only thing you're about or you're trying to focus on will mess with your mind and especially your heart, eventually, so although it seems like the obvious extreme thing to do when something is gnawing at you constantly like a Redcap's hunger is, long term it's not the greatest way to manage it.

Incisor chose to do that. She's young, it makes sense to her. Hey, if it works for now, great. I just hope she gets some sort of satisfaction out of that duty, if it's all she's got, y'know? That frustration is going to built up…. and then combine with anger… you get the picture. I mean… most mortals loose their shit for less.

I worry for her. Immensely. But I also admire her greatly. If things had been different for me… maybe I'd be more like her than I think I'd be.

If we ever meet, I just hope I can give her something that'll make her life better. Even if it's just the smallest of things. Redcaps like her make the world a better place for all of us trying, desperately, to be something more than just a gaping maw full of sharp teeth.

I need her to exist, in fact. I need her to thrive. Big time. Because I need to continue believing.

I need to believe monsters can be heroes.

Concerning Patches

A rough snort laugh that sounds horrible escapes his throat

Oh she's a bad bitch, that one. And I mean that in the best way possible. Plus she's got stamina. I mean… being a lone Unseelie in that big Seelie mess? I've been there. Mad respect. As a matter of fact, if it were only up to me, I'd put a members only leather jacket and have her join my club. We could use a good Nocker and a few well-placed slaps behind the head around here.

As to why her milkshake seems to bring all the boys to the yard, however, I can't figure out.

Now the real question is though… she's really good at cleaning up other peoples messes, but how good is she with her own? Does she have goals besides just… maintenance? It's hard to tell. I'd like to know more, IF there is more to know.

Someone give her my number. Maybe some text messaging on the slide might do her some good.

That or she'll tell me to fuck off. That'd be valid too.

Concerning Sophia

A low grumbling sound seems to be coming from Bartok's chest or belly. Lisette pats him on the shoulders and whispers "Be nice"

She's all kinds of HORRIBLE and she doesn't even KNOW.

Lisette insists, whispers some more

Ok. Ok… She could be one of the greats. Really. She could. She could be… so much. She could lead us. Be our voice. Instead she just… she… Well she's a hippie Tinker Bell. She throws sparkle and glitter around thinking she creates these cute little moments of inspiration, and for a moment she's right, it works, and it's probably the greatest thing… but she has no interest in seeing where her pixie dust falls, she's just here for the flying. No interest in consequences, no interest in responsibilities. A pretty flame who doesn't know or care if she's gonna burn somebody.

And it HURTS me to say it. Because I know she could be SO MUCH BETTER. The best, possibly.

But I'll give her this: her inspiration is real. It's spontaneous. It's powerful. She's got "IT".

And I'll be honest… maybe I just don't understand her. That's possible.

Maybe we just need to do music together. Maybe I'd understand her better then.

Concerning Braum

Bartok's eyes seem to be looking far, far away for a moment, then he smiles softly.

Yeah I know Ol' Stone Flakes. Never seen a man walk so willfully towards his future… backwards. Careful there, m'lord, you're gonna have things flying smack into the back of your head. And that head is hard to miss. As in, it's big.

I make fun of trolls. They're always so serious. But I like them. Braum's no exception. Man knows better than anyone what it takes to do what must be done, he understands sacrifice… a bit too eagerly, maybe. He's all about honor with a capital h and thrilling heroics. I'm more of the type to value courage over honor myself but hey… he's the hero, not me.

We're on different sides of the same coin, for sure. With the bounty on my head, I have no doubt he'd give it a shot. He'd win that fight, even if I'd like to go a few rounds with the big fella, just to see how much I can give him for his money.

But I respect Braum and that cannot and will not change. I respect him because he knows how to do something I've had to learn the hard way more than once.

Braum knows how to loose. That's what makes him a true hero.

There are two broad scenarios here: If he's invited… and if he's not invited.

If he's invited? He shows up and participates in as many activities as possible as many times as possible. He knows he can never have too many friends in his situation so he'd capitalize on the social opportunity. Oh he'd be rowdy and loud and not necessarily pleasant for everyone… but to those for who he is pleasant? He'd invest energy and time.

If he's NOT invited? He shows up anyways and rejoices in the awkwardness it creates. He shocks, he challenges, he taunts. Nothing too over the top but firmly with the intention of creating some malaise here in there, hopefully getting some "subversive" thoughts going in a few minds. No violence unless violence started against him first.

In both scenarios: Maypole? He'd have given it a shot… probably putting his own twist on it which would include chasing other dancers around, play-threatening them of getting eaten alive.

Would he have joined in on any of the Beltaine events? Would he have danced around the Maypole? Would he have even bothered showing up?

When in doubt: pork buns.

(For reference purposes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRsr_zZqKD8&t=59s ) ( Also… how amazing would it be to actually cast this and add sound effects and a soundtrack? )

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Bartok's opinions and theories are not necessarily in line with Lo's opinions and theories)

Added a Maypole pic!

When in doubt: pork buns.

Re: Beltaine! by ElizabethanealeElizabethaneale, 02 May 2018 15:53

Oh yes. May pole will happen for sure.

- Kate
Re: Beltane! by Zen_r0b0Zen_r0b0, 02 May 2018 15:27

How about a Maypole? I feel it could be an awesome group bunk.


Re: Beltane! by dannylilly2000dannylilly2000, 02 May 2018 00:28
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