What have The Freeholders done?

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Written on 18-4-2018 by The Crosshare

Inspired by Monty Python - The Life of Bwian

Secret meeting somewhere below Montréal.

*rabble rabble rabble*

Leader 1: Order! Order! We've—


Leader 1 points the gavel at people. "I'm warning you."

Leader 1: Right, as i said, we've gathered here today to talk about the threat we call "The Freeholders"—


Leader 1: Alright alright! Yes we all know that the Freeholders… *lifts a brow at the people* —that The Freeholders are a horrible bunch of folks. Running around, causing trouble, starting fires…

Leader 2: And blowing up elevators.

Leader 1: Yes! Blowing up elevators! Just a terrible group of anarchistic rapscallions who care not for safety of anyone.

Person 1: They're vegetables?

Leader 1: What?

Person 1: You said they're scallions. Isn't that like a vegetable?

Leader 1: RAP-scallions! Not some bloody onions!

Person 1: Oooh right…the artistic type.

Leader 1: No! Not some artis—

Leader 2: Well except Sophia.

Leader 1: What…?

Leader 2: That Sophia lady. She's artistic.

Leader 1: Yea…b….shut up! LOOK! They're a danger to this city and the people and they must be stopped! They've terrorised our city, hurt people and i ask you, what have those damn freeholders ever done to us?

Person 1 lifts a hand: The dragon.

Leader 1: …what?

Person 1: The dragon.

Leader 1: Alright yes, they did handle that dragon.

Person 2: The rocket?

Leader 2: Ooh yes, the rocket, they're really working hard on solving that one.

*agreements and nods from the people*

Leader 1: Alright i do agree, the dragon and the rocket are the two things that they have done—

Person 3: And the parties.

Leader 1: Well ofcourse, Lady Sophias parties go without saying, but apart from the dragon, the rocket and Lady Sophias parties…

People talking among themselves: The vampires….better relations with the garou…those pharma fellas…

Leader 1: Yeah yeah alright alright…they have…

Person 3: And they saved Zistor.

Leader 1: He's part of the Freeholders!

Leader 2: Well it is safer to walk around at night for the fae.

*rabble and agreement*

Leader 1: Alright but APART from the dragon, the rocket, Lady sophias parties, the vampires, the garou, the pharma guys and some protection…WHAT have they ever done for us?!


Person 1 lifts hand: Poutine.

Leader 1: They DID NOT invent fucking POUTINE!

Person 1: …they could have.


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