The Circle Timeline

Written on 13.8.2017 by The Crosshare

The Circle timeline.

Dates before leaving for Chiaroscuro are light estimates, dates may vary.

Start date: RY768 10th of resplendent fire.

RY768 10th of resplendent fire - Chronicle begins.

RY768 11th of resplendent fire - Manse Found

RY768 12th of resplendent fire - Valeria vs Starlight

RY768 13th of resplendent fire - First army in nexus

RY768 14th of resplendent fire - Entropy + Funeral five

RY768 15th of resplendent fire - Bacon Days Pork Buns

RY768 16th of resplendent fire - Ziggurat fight

RY768 17th of resplendent fire - Tide fight

RY768 18th of resplendent fire - Entropy / Summer Blaze RIP.

RY768 19th of resplendent fire - Pancakes, army done, airship.

RY768 20th of resplendent fire - Leave nexus for Lunar camp

RY768 24th of resplendent fire - Arrive at lunar camp

RY768 25th of resplendent fire - Enter the wyld

RY768 4th of descending fire - Leave wyld

RY768 4th of descending fire - Leave lunar camp for Nexus

RY768 9th of descending fire - arrive back to nexus pre ember/rey fight night.

RY768 10th of descending fire - Left Nexus to Chiaroscuro

RY768 6th of ascending Earth - Arrived to chiaroscuro

RY768 9th of ascending Earth - Left chiaroscuro.

RY768 16th of ascending Earth - Boatraid to save SoS

RY768 17th of Ascending Earth - Arrive to Yu-Shan

RY768 18th of Ascending Earth - Left Yu-Shan for Nexus

RY768 25th of Ascending Earth - Arrive to Nexus

RY768 26th of Ascending Earth - To the underworld

RY768 26th of Ascending Earth - Dead deathlord

RY768 27th of Ascending Earth - Left Manse for Mahalanka

RY768 6th of resplendent Earth - Arrived/left mahalanka

RY768 13th of resplendent Earth - Arrive to Nexus / Leave for Blessed Isle

RY768 20th of resplendent Earth - Arrive to blessed isle

RY768 21st of resplendent Earth - Imperial manse

Final date: RY768 21st of resplendent Earth

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