Thank You Rap

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Written on April 3, 2017 by SoulSearch55

Lava through a mental schism is fizzling through my sneakers, erasing the space in my synapses, riding a beat through the speakers, it’s burning a mark in the carcass of quiet and I can’t ignore it…

So instead I’ll write a little rap for Rey and Ember, Val and Jorek
You guys have no idea just how my world’s expanded since you’ve expanded my world
I met all sorts of friends through the chat window:
The Northern Fox, Eiragwen, Badmeks and Lo,
Happy KillMore and Arthemise (to name a few)
Mithodiel, NoHeejin and Happy Cthulhu
There’s The Crosshare, Rockpants, Bellandora, CheekyCee, Henschie42 and RealBrickWall…
(See how much connecting ExalTwitch does? And I assure you, that’s not all)
TV Draco, RJCody, SilveryPhoenix, Pennicash, PoetCorb and CaptDaf…
(This list of names is starting to sound a lot like the PokeRap)
Now I admit the rhythm slipped a bit, but I wanted to show my appreciation,
For friends from Texas, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Finland, Britain, the US, and EVERYONE else in NexusNation
So love and hugs to the talented ones that we have to thank for it:

Our heroes: Rey and Ember, Val and Jorek ❤️

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