Red Branch Man

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Written on 20/01/2019 by The Crosshare

Had an idea when listening to the song, so did a head-canon story song.

A song re-write inspired and "fitted"(barely) into the tune of The Highwaymen. (can be found here:

The Red Branch Man

I was a Red Branch Man.
Into each battle I did ride.
With sword called whisper by my side.
Many a youngling did a story of me tell.
Many a dauntain did i send straight back to hell.
The bastards got me on the eve of Samhain.
But I am still alive.

I was a Busker.
I was born to be a guide.
And i would sing in to the night.
I would've sooner sang and hear the winds blow.
I went along when the dreaming asked me to go.
And when it all was done they said that I got killed.
But I am living still.

I was a Freeholder
I built inventions with great pride.
Where steel and anvil would collide.
A place where everyone could come that i know.
Was in a bind and i was sure i had to go.
I buried them with me as i took that building down.
But I am still around
I'll always be around and around and around and around and around…

I fly an airship.
Across the dreaming i glide.
And when i reach the other side…
I'll find a freeholder to rest with if i can.
Perhaps I meet that tall red branch man again.
Or hear her sing her song in that autumn rain.
But I will remain.
And we'll be back again, and again and again and again and again…

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