Birthday Party!

Birthday Party!

Written on 19.1.2018 by The Crosshare

You're going to go on an adventure, well, atleast a night out on the town. Only thing you need to do is to grab a pen and paper, a notepad, or your phone and mark down your choices from A, B and C.

There are no wrong answers, it works best if you don't think too much and just answer honestly. Also, the choices are limited, so just go by closest ;)

Let's see where the day takes ya!

It's a nice sunny saturday morning as you wake up. You slowly make your way out of your bed and get ready for the day. It's your birthday, you and your friends are gonna go out and celebrate like you do every year. It's probably why this is your favourite month:

A: February
B: April
C: May

..has always just been a relaxing month like that. You put on some music while you get ready, have some breakfast and just wait for your friends to show up. After a while the playlist shuffles to a random xmas song, you must've forgotten to remove those. No worries, it's funny to hear it this late and you always did like:

A: the whoville christmas song.
B: the Christmas carol by Tom Lehrer.
C: the little drummer boy.

Best turn it off though, your friends might think you're weird…er. There's still time before they arrive, so you got a few hours to kill. You decide to grab a book and read some, you still got plenty of pages to go. You sit down on your…:

A: really comfortable deskchair, one of those gaming chairs. Worth every penny.
B: ottoman. Nothing like freedom to move around while reading.
C: trusted hard leather chair. No moving, no fuss.

… and get comfortable. You may have read this all before, but…

A: Mists of Avalon
B: the Little house on the prairie series
C: anything by John Grisham

…is always a good choice to spend time on. Hey, if it works right? You spend the next 2 hours just sitting there and eating some candy. You know you should eat healthier, but when reading a good book, one just has to have some…

A: Campinos
B: All sorts liqourice
C: Werthers originals

…handy. Also it's your birthday, you're allowed. You break away from your book and set it down, having a weird thought. It's like you forgot something. Dangit! That's the thing that's been bugging you. You seriously need to go out and buy a new…

A: Tuning fork.
B: Lathe
C: Sledgehammer

You'll be needing it come monday. Hopefully the shops are open early. Oh! Your friends are here. You hop over to the mirror to check your outfit and that everything is good. It's a bit of a bold color choice, but damnit it's your day and if you can't dress in

A: Lilac
B: Metallic blue
C: Gold

…then what's even the point! You laugh it off and let your friends in. You're all heading out for a dinner, but first, wouldn't be a classic birthday party of yours if you didn't get your game on! It's an old tradition of yours, so everyone was totally ready for the…

A: Twister mayhem that was about to ensue.
B: Starcraft LAN match.
C: Crokinole tournament.

Nobody really was keeping score, but you totally won. Atleast that's what the story will tell. While everyone gets ready to go out, you get to chatting with a friend about your shared favourite TV show. The last episode was bonkers.

A: House hunters international
B: Battle bots
C: Jeopardy

…can get really odd at times, but, it's your thing and you enjoy every minute of it. You all head out as you have reservations at a restaurant. You go there every year and the staff knows you. You all settle down and order your food, you ofcourse go for…

A: Stirfry.
B: Curry cheese fries
C: Seafood chowder

…and nobody is surprised. Have to have your fav food on your special day. The conversation turns to animals and someone asks ”Hey, if you could have any pet…”. You take a moment and to everyones surprise, you throw out…

A: A Swan!
B: A Tanuki!
C: A lion!

It quickly turns to laughter and before you know it, you're all nommed and paid. Nights young, so off to your favourite bar for a few drinks before the night is done. You head in and order a

A: Sangria.
B: Martini
C: Whisky.

And after maybe two or three too many, decide to call it. You say bye to your friends, you part ways and with a big smile you head home. You stretch a bit as you get inside and think to yourself; great night, time for…

A: a relaxing bubble bath.
B: a cigarette and watch the city live through the window
C: Some crosswords puzzles

…and then it's off to bed. IT's been a long, but oh so perfect day. You climb in your bed and you always like to put on a movie as you try to fall asleep, never fails and watching…

A: Roman Holiday
B: Ghostbusters
C: Gladiator

…knocks you out real fast. Or maybe it was the drinks. You quickly fall into a deep dreaming and dream of a magical place, with dragons, werewolves, vampires…and you…a hero…you and your 2 companions fighting against the world to save the day. You stand proud as people call out your name…

Time to count up what you answered! Who did you dream of being? Who is your Changeling match? Just tally up A B and C and the majority number will be your answer.

A: Sophia
B: Patches
C: Braum

So, who are YOU? ;)

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