All Fates Saved

All Fates Saved

Age: 900+
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Purple

Exalted Type: Solar
Caste: Night

Armour: Spiked armour
Weapon: Throwing knives
Attire: Simple tunic

Personality: Rediscovering

Deathly pale, eerily beautiful, and missing parts of her past, Three Fates Shadow is obsessed with death. She used to be a Chosen of the Unconquered Sun, a Night Caste, but after death, came back to Creation as an Abyssal Exalted. When she re-Exalted as a Solar, she claimed the name All Fates Saved.


Originally known as Three Fates Saved, she was a Solar Exalted in the first age, and ally of our Circle's past lives. She is bound to the Lunar, She-Who-Knows-Ten-Thousand-Things.


She was being hunted by four other Abyssals and was briefly captured by Tepet Exquisite Tide. She is now in the Circle’s company, fighting for and protecting Valeria in particular. On the voyage to Chiaroscuro, she revealed her “final mission”, given to her by her Deathlord in order to hurt her former Circlemates: she was to kill “one sister, one father, one lover, and one daughter”. She was unable to kill any of her targets and is now apprehensive about her Deathlord coming for her.
She renounced her Abyssal nature and her hair turned white, then fell into a coma, hovering between life and death as the Circle transported her to Yu-Shan.

The Unconquered Sun agreed to re-exalt her, and she returned to life as a Solar Exalted named All Fates Saved. However, the Gentle Father came after her and it was only once he was defeated that her hair returned to its original colour.


  • Major Tie- Infinite Dirge for Shattered Oaths from Silent Struggle- Revulsion
  • Major Tie- Her Appearance- Shame


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