The Second Night

Bonus Content

Written July 10, 2016 by Jon Verrall

I’m ready if you are. I’ve been waiting for a century—not to put any pressure on you. I know you don’t feel like you have that kind of time behind you, but you do. Never mind that for now. It’s not important.

Are you ready? Okay.


Put your hands on me. Tonight, you can be gentle if that’s easier for you, but I want you to know me. It’s important to me that you know me, that you know my every curve without sight, without thought. If we’re going to be together, it needs to be instinctual, like shivering under moonlight and exhaling on release.

I love this part. I love the discovery. First times are always so exciting: sometimes tentative, sometimes passionate. You aren’t my first, but I know I’m not yours, either, and I don’t mind if you don’t. This isn’t about the past, or about forever. It’s here, it’s now, and you don’t need to focus on anything right now except how I feel under your fingertips.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes.

Now—let me… there. I’ll bend only for you. We’re making a commitment, you and I, and as long as it lasts, I’ll move for you. We’re a team. We’ll witness love together, you and I. We’ll see the barriers that divide people fall.

Okay… okay. Go, please.

This is the peak, the moment where your intent becomes my reality, when I’m at the edge and I can feel the strain, your arms and my body and your hands, and we’re one, we’re together. Let the world fall away. Focus with me…

… let go. Let’s fly, let go, please, please…

… there…

… just like that…

… just like that. Together, we’ll witness wonders, but I will also help you take the lives of those who stand in the way of your destiny. Commit to me, and I will protect you. I will guide you. I will show you the extent of will.

Yes, I will kill for you. I know the necessity of death. But there’s so, so much more, and if you trust me, you might be the one to start a journey a century in the making.

I’ve been ready to take that step for a long time.

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