Summer Blaze

Summer Blaze

Age: Looks ~25
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Black

Exalted Type: Dragonblooded
Caste: Fire Aspect
House: Mnemmon

Armour: Light plate
Weapon: Twin Daiklaives
Typical Attire: Always armoured

Personality: Soft-hearted

A Fire-aspect Terrestrial Exalt sent to Nexus on her first Wyld Hunt. Sister to Ember.


Though she was completely indoctrinated with the teachings of the Blessed Isle, she had a softer side – she was first seen feeding children in a poor neighbourhood, and didn’t want to hurt innocent bystanders when fighting the Solars.


Over time, she started to change her beliefs about the Anathema, and fought loyally with the Solars along with Ember, her brother. She fell to an arrow fired by an Abyssal Exalted while defending the Circle.


  • Defining principle- “I will follow my brother into the dark.”
  • Defining principle- “I will be ready for whatever comes for me.”
  • Defining principle- “I will prove to the world that the Solar Exalted are not Anathema.”


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