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ExalTwitch: Nexus follows the story of three Solar Exalted: Rey, Jorek, and Valeria. The sessions of our stream have been chronicled below.

Sessions 0-10

00. Prelude
Rey, Jorek, and Valeria met up in Nexus and encountered several characters who would help shape their destiny…
01. Tigers Hunting Rey
Trouble finds everyone, though Rey is separated from the others.
02. Reunions and Departure
Everyone meets up, more trouble finds them, and the Solars make a move.
03. The Manse
They attempt to open a door, which proves more difficult than one might expect.
04. The Fighting Pits
They decide to return to Nexus, and one of the Solars volunteers to fight in the pits.
05. Fight and Fire
The fight takes place, but the team is met with something rather unexpected…
06. Developments
Jorek meets with the mysterious Magistrate, who has an interesting proposition for him. Val tries to uncover the truth about the arena fire. Ember and Rey get closer.
07. Diagnosis and Danger
Val learns an unpleasant truth about Rey's father's illness. A return trip to Nexus presents new threats, and innocent civilians of the town are caught in the crossfire.
08. Medicine and Meetings
A whole slew of new people reveal themselves to the Solars. But who can truly be trusted?
09. Trust Issues
The Circle learns more about the mysterious fox woman. A tense standoff in Nexus forces the Solars make a difficult choice. Are they going to be pawns or players?
10. Secret Secrets
Secrets are revealed, testing the Circle's trust in each other, and a dangerous new player enters the ring.

Sessions 11-20

11. "Oh EFF"
The Circle squares off against its most formidable opponent yet and everyone must choose a side.
12. Answers (of a sort)
Could it be? Are we actually going to get some…answers?
13. Fight or Flight?
Val faces off against four Death Knights, while her allies race to her aid.
14. A Brand New Day
Healed and full of determination, the party returns to Nexus with the hopes of winning the city over to their cause.
15. The Fourth Solar
The party reunites and sets about discovering all they can about the mysterious sickness threatening Nexus.
16. The Bigger They Are….
The following day, back in Nexus, the party searches for Pearl but end up encountering much more than they bargained for.
17. Incomplete Information
Picking up right where we left off, the circle clashes over what to do about Tepet Exquisite Tide.
18. Bring It All Down
Our circle struggles to deal with an ever-increasing number of problems. Who, or what, is the true threat?
19. Lovers In A Dangerous Time
Jorek leads the circle in various attempts at diplomacy. To…varying degrees of success.
20. The City on the Edge of Forever
Jorek's broken oath yields catastrophic and tragic consequences.

Sessions 21-30

21. Remember Me
The party tries to recover from wounds that are more than just physical. Speaks-of-Silence's continued absence is cause for concern.
22. What You Leave Behind
With Speaks-of-Silence now safe, the party attempts to forge unlikely alliances to get rid of the Tepet army.
23. All Good Things...
Nexus is bleeding. Val, Jorek & Rey must make some reckless decisions in a last-ditched effort to save the city.
24. The Inner Light
After a surprising victory over the army and the Abyssals, the Solars attempt to tie up loose ends with some…unexpected results.
25. The Measure of a Man
The Solars' "safe haven" may not be so safe.
26. Home Soil
Is it time to leave Nexus behind?
27. The Naked Now
As the Solars head towards Speaks-of-Silence's home, they become more… intimately connected.
28. Genesis
The Solars learn that they'll need to venture into the Wyld to get some answers. Or is the Wyld coming to them?
29. Masks
Jorek, Val & Rey do their best to navigate the twisting mysteries of the Wyld and gain some answers, but what will they have to give up in exchange?
30. Sacrifice of Angels
Rey, Jorek and Valeria have each given up an important part of themselves. How will this loss impact the decisions ahead?

Sessions 31-40

31. Amok Time
The party returns to Nexus, and Rey's long-delayed fight with Ember takes place. Who will win? Who will break? Place your bets.
32. Thine Own Self
The party breaks, in more ways than one. Can they reunite before it's too late?
33. The Defector
Together once more, the Solars set sail to Chiaroscuro in pursuit of Speaks-of-Silence.
34. Final Mission
The journey to Chiaroscuro comes to a close, but what exactly are the Solars walking into?
35. Family
New city. New challenges. New allies. But will their past catch up to them?
36. Angel One
A tense face-off with Sanguine forces the Solars to choose between a bargain and a battle.
37. Skin of Evil
Velvet (or is it Tepet Flow Exultant?) speaks their piece and the Solars are once again faced with the possibility that a past ally was deceiving them.
38. Identity Crisis
Someone is lying. But who? And what is to be done with them?
39. Lessons
She Who Knows Ten Thousand Things reveals a number of things, each more shocking than the last.
40. Captain's Vacation
The Solars are faced with a seemingly impossible task to save their friend. 10K's revelations prove difficult to accept, and the surprises aren't over yet.

Sessions 41-50

41. Redemption, Part I
On their way to Yu-Shan and the Blessed Isle, the Circle is faced with the opportunity to rescue one of their own.
42. Redemption, Part II
Speaks-of-Silence's rescue continues and Jorek plays a dangerous game.
43. Night Terrors
The group deals with the aftermath of the last episode and reaches Yu-Shan.
44. Where Silence Has Lease
Newly arrived in Yu-Shan, the party receives opportunities they did not expect.
45. The Price
In Yu-Shan, the Solars try to meet with the Unconquered Sun and save their friend.
46. Second Chances
Now that the Solars have All Fates Saved, what's next?
47. Disaster
Someone gets lucky, and chaos strikes again.
48. Too Short A Season
In this special edition marathon stream, the Solars return to Nexus and are met with a confrontation that was a long time coming.
49. The Child
The Solars deal with the aftermath of their brief encounter with Deep Fury and steel themselves for the return of Tepet Exquisite Tide.
50. Wrongs Darker than Death or Night
The Solars face their deadliest adversary yet and prepare for the worst.

Sessions 51-58 (End)

51. The Attached
Turns out, destroying a Deathlord isn't so simple.
52. The Next Phase
Valeria tells Ember his mother is alive and Rey insists they go see her. Jorek has many admirers.
53. Reunion
The party struggles to deal with the aftermath of Rey's break as they make their way to Mahalanka.
54. Heart of Glory
The circle struggles to get what they came for before their time in Mahalanka runs out.
55. The Arsenal of Freedom
Before journeying to the Blessed Isle the circle returns to Nexus, possibly for the last time.
56. Power Play
The party makes their way to Arjuf in search of the mysterious war manse.
57. Journey's End
The Imperial Manse: why do you enter? What, or who, are you willing to give up?
58. Legacy
The chronicle draws to a close. What will be our circle's legacy?

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