Starlight Dove

Starlight Dove

Age: Unknown
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Hair: Black
Eyes: ?

Exalted Type: Sidereal
Caste: Serenity
House: None?

Armour: ?
Weapon: A bow
Equipment: ?
Attire: White robes

Personality: Mysterious

A mysterious figure and Chosen of Serenity, Starlight Dove first approached the Circle in Nexus, and has provided them with clues as to their histories and futures…

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Starlight Dove she knew the former souls of our main characters, may have been intimate with Rey’s former self, and has taken responsibility for killing Finn; Valeria's former self.


She has appeared several times to offer them aid, and has vanished just as quickly. She gave her bow, Heart’s String, to Jorek for questioning the assumption that some people are unable to be changed, and provided him with another, Final Beat, when Heart’s String was destroyed. She witnessed the death of her daughter, Velvet, when the latter tried to blame her for the murder of Quiet Word.


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