Age: Unknown
Height: 171 cm / 5'7"
Weight: 54 kg / 120 lbs
Hair: Long Red Hair
Eyes: Blue

Exalted Type: Lunar
Caste: Changing Moon
Preferred Alternate Form: Fox

Armour: N/A
Weapon: Claws
Equipment: N/A

Casual attire: Probably naked
Fancy attire: Ankle-length red dress
Battle attire: Fox form

Personality: Mischievous

Found just outside of Nexus in the form of a fox, Speaks-of-Silence is one of Luna’s Chosen, taking on different forms with the goal of “bringing people what they want”. She is a gatherer of information, a persuader of men, a shameless flirt… and a powerful ally.


Speaks-of-Silence seems to have known the Circle in their previous lives, and has a long-standing friendship with She Who Knows 10,000 Things, as well as Three Fates Saved.


She is strongly attracted to Valeria, even though it appeared at first that her Solar mate was Jorek (although it was later revealed to be the Circle’s Twilight). She has escaped captivity many times, and was rescued from the Empress Runner by the Circle.

Known Intimacies

  • (None yet)


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