Requiem for the Unnecessarily Sacrificed

Art By: Lo
Age: 12-13
Height: Medium
Weight: Slight
Hair: Black
Eyes: Filled with disdain

Exalted Type: Abyssal
Caste: Midnight
House: -

Armour: Black
Weapon: Small knives, Song
Equipment: -
Attire: Black

Personality: Angsty, derisive, unholier-than-thou

An angsty goth tween with a chip on her shoulder.


Used to be Sola, Jorek's baby daughter, until she was killed in the destruction of Quiet Word's tower in Chiaroscuro.


Now an Abyssal, Requiem for the Unnecessarily Sacrificed has unnaturally grown into an angsty teenager who wants nothing to do with him.

Known Intimacies

Minor Principle: Black (okay, I just wanted to keep the section here)


This character appears in the following episodes:
57. Journey's End
58. Legacy

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