04. The Fighting Pits

They decide to return to Nexus, and one of the Solars volunteers to fight in the pits.

The Fighting Pits

ExalTwitch Episode

Episode No.: 04
Original Air Date: February 28, 2016

NPC Appearances:
Ember, Kanna,
Starlight Dove, Summer Blaze.

YouTube Archive: ExalTwitch Day 4
ReCapt: N/A

The gang decided to try to start changing things… and the first target was the fighting pits. They approached Kana of the Golden Tigers, and Val ended up volunteering herself to fight in that night’s event. Summer Blaze was also volunteered, and they easily defeated the first group of 10 untrained fighters (trying their hardest not to do much damage) – then it was announced that Val would face another champion (not part of the deal) – who turned out to be Starlight Dove!

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