Quiet Word

Quiet Word

Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?

Exalted Type: Solar
Caste: Twilight
House: N/A

Armour: ?
Weapon: ?
Equipment: ?
Attire: ?

Personality: Reserved and quick-witted.

An extremely wealthy merchant living in Chiaroscuro.


Quiet Word came to Chirascuro and built a name for himself there. After some time he met a young woman named Tyla, who left him with a daughter: Sola.


Quiet Word has only one rule: if people want to use his grounds, he needs to vet them first. This rule hides the fact that he is, in fact, a Twilight Caste Solar Exalted. He was shocked and enraged to discover that the girl he had been raising as his daughter all these years, Sola, was in fact Jorek’s biological daughter. Quiet Word was beheaded by Velvet in his home as he lay unconscious.

Known Intimacies

Defining principle- “I will help others, but only in my own way.”
Major principle- “I abhor the current state of Creation.”
Major tie- Dragon-Blooded – Severe Mistrust


This character appears in the following episodes:
35. Family
36. Angel One
37. Skin of Evil
44. Where Silence Has Lease

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