More Deep Thoughts

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Written March 5, 2017 by Jon Verrall

I like the grass that grows outside the very big stone. It tastes good and it’s very moist. It isn’t better alfalfa but I haven’t had alfalfa in a long time so maybe I don’t remember. But I wish I had alfalfa.

A woman approaches me and she looks curious. I don’t know her face but she has a familiar smell. She walks closer to me holding a small brown thing that smells interesting so I go over and eat it. This is better than alfalfa. She starts to walk away from the very big stone and into the woods. I follow her because she might have more of the interesting brown things and I want to eat them. I may have to take them from her when she isn’t paying attention. She will understand.

She lays down some cloth over the bird shit on the ground underneath a tree and sits. I start to eat the cloth and she laughs and it sounds like mountains shifting. I guess it’s okay for me to eat the cloth.

She lays a hand against my neck and starts to whisper. It’s just noise but soon it doesn’t sound like noise any more. I understand her. She’s asking me about a man with skin like hers. I tell her that I have seen him along the river but that it has been a little while. I tell her that he is with some other people who were nice to me. I tell her that once late at night he came out of the river and took a rope off from my neck and let me run around for a while before he put it back on and talked to me for a while. Suddenly I understand what he was telling me so I tell the woman that he feels fear and sadness but also love. The woman asks if I can show her where I ran around that night and I say that I will show her.

It takes a while to walk there but she gives me another interesting brown thing and I eat it. I try not to step on her feet but I stay very close to her because I like her.

I show her where I ran and where the man was in the river. She tells me that it is very important that she finds him and asks me to watch for him. I don’t mind. I don’t know where my kids are and I don’t care but she says she really wants to find her son. I hope she does.

She thanks me and asks me to not eat her cloth as she puts all of it on the ground and jumps into the river. She is gone for a while so I decide to eat some of her cloth anyway.

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