Age: Unknown
Height: 6'
Weight: 200lbs
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Black

Exalted Type: Dragonborn
Caste: Fire Aspect
House: Mnemon

Armour: N/A
Weapon: Twin Daiklaives
Equipment: N/A
Attire: Usually just shorts.

Personality: Quiet. Smoldering.

Summer Blaze’s older brother, also a Fire-aspect Terrestrial Exalt. Though the Circle first believed Ember to be a true believer in the Immaculate Faith, he has turned out to be quite the opposite, and fights passionately alongside the Solars and his sister, Summer Blaze. Has entered a romance with Rey and is a one of the core members of the Circle.

Early Life

Time in Nexus


Known Intimacies

  • Defining principle: “The Empire is fundamentally flawed.”
  • Defining principle: “I believe my mother was right about the Solar Exalted.”
  • Defining principle: “The Solar Exalted must rule Creation if they can improve life for all.”


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