Deep Thoughts

Bonus Content

Written October 9, 2016 by Jon Verrall

I feel hot. My neck hurts when I try to walk away because of the rope around it so I am not walking away. There is a lot of grass here and I am close to a river so I am doing all right.

Sometimes the woman dressed in black looks at me so I look back at her. I hope that she will take the rope from my neck so that I can go towards the bushes but she doesn’t do that. I speak to try and convince her but she doesn’t move. She watches a lot. I think she is sad but I can’t do much from where I am so I can’t help her not feel sad. Maybe if she took the rope from my neck I could help her. But she doesn’t so I can’t.

When it gets hotter another woman takes the rope and starts to walk so I have to walk. This woman looks sad but a different kind of sad. I hit her with my head and she put her hand on my head so maybe I helped.

Now it is an old man who is holding the rope and everyone else is going away. Some are going one way and some are crossing the river and going another way. The old man is walking along the river so that is the way I have to go. I can see a woman who makes a lot of noise when she walks because she has metal on her body turn around and look at me from across the river a few times. Maybe she is looking at the old man too but I don’t know.

The old man is talking to me. His voice is very nice so I try not to make much noise so I can listen. He looks very happy so I try to show him that I am happy by eating the cloth hanging from his body. He laughs but he takes the cloth away so I guess I don’t get to eat cloth right now. The old man stops every once in a while so I can eat grass and drink from the river. He drinks from the river too.

When the sun is very hot we sit under some trees. The old man is still talking to me and he is waving his hands and laughing a lot. I don’t mind having the rope around my neck when the old man is holding it.

One time I had alfalfa and that was tasty. Maybe the old man can feed me some alfalfa. I would like that. I will stay with the old man for now because he is a good person to listen to and he is kind to me.

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