Age: 50
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Green

Exalted Type: Mortal

Personality: Calm

Rey was taking care of her father long before she Exalted, and due to a threat made toward him, she has had to take him from their home. Rey recently discovered that the medicine she’d been giving her father for years was, unbeknownst to her, actually an addictive drug that was slowly making his condition worse. Valeria has been weaning him off of it with a placebo, and has begun the process of repairing his scarred lungs before the Solars were forced to leave Nexus.

Early Life

Alvor's past is shrouded in mystery…

Middle Age

Alvor fell in love and fathered Rey. When Rey was still a child, her mother disappeared from Nexus. In order to keep Rey fed he took work at the docks of Nexus, moving cargo in exchange for good pay provided he asked no questions about that which he moved. Unbeknownst to him, this cargo was toxic and over time dealt great damage to his lungs. He became too ill to work just as Rey became old enough to find work of her own - fighting in the pits of Nexus.


After Rey's exaltation, he soon became a target. Kanna of the Golden Tigers threatened him, in order to leverage Rey into a fight. After this, Rey took him into their manse, where he spent most of his time resting, though occasionally he would play Jot against Summer Blaze.
When it was time for the Solars to leave Nexus, Rey arranged for Alvor to be set up with a decent place to live.


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