A Letter

Bonus Content

Written April 17, 2016 by Jon Verrall

A letter was delivered to the party's apartments in Blue Sky:

My Dearest Ember,

I fear that this letter might find its way into your hands far too late, and you will have already returned to the Blessed Isle victorious. Admittedly, I amost chose not to write you, knowing that this is obviously only a minor delay. Your skill is paramount, and no mere fledgling Anathema could escape the crushing grip of your embrace.

I know I can't — for entirely different reasons.

You and I have not been on the best terms lately - I recognise that, as much as the thought pains me. There were some words said just before you left the isle. I've taken the liberty to have your kitchen repaired, and there are master artisans crafting new furniture to replace the pieces that broke. It's actually a blessing. I've had my favourite artist select new colour schemes for you. I know you'll be pleased to return to a home that is finally tastefully decorated.

I'm so excited for you to see these changes that I've decided to volunteer my aid. I'm not second-guessing your ability to conduct a Hunt, but surely my assistance will speed the process along. You'll be rid of that mercantile cesspool all the faster and you can come home to a conversation that's been a long time coming.

And as soon as I've mustered my entourage, we'll be headed East.

There is no need to thank me — not with words. Make sure your sister has a separate place to stay.

With all my heart,
Tepet Exquisite Tide.


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