Art By: Elenaria Ni Aesin
Kith: Arcadian Sidhe
Court: Seelie
Seeming: Wilder
House: Fiona

Pronouns: He/Him
Apparent Age: 27
Build: 6'0" / 183 cm
Hair: Long, flowing blond hair.
Eyes: Green
Appearance: 6

Weapon: Formerly Whisper; now Brushstroke, a smallsword, and a heavy pistol.
Attire: At formal gatherings, silver plate mail with Fiona red accents, alongside a Companion Braid on his wrist.

Personality: Pleasant and confident.

Sir Xaeron ap Fiona, a former Red Branch knight and current Companion of the Golden Braid, currently makes his home in Heart's Light in Westmount, Quebec. Originally famous for being partnered with Braum during their Red Branch days, Xaeron eventually grew his own legend during his teacher's convalescence. To his occasional chagrin, part of his fame comes from his dashing good looks and flowing platinum blond hair, which has earned him no shortage of admirers.


Xaeron was inducted into the Red Branch at quite a young age and was subsequently assigned to Braum for training. The troll taught Xaeron how to use firearms, as required of all Red Branch knights, alongside other battle tactics; the two became fast friends, and their often partnered together on missions. Enough was told of their tales that it became fashionable, for a short time, for changelings in Concordia to procure limited-edition merchandise detailing their exploits.

After the Abford Pharmaceuticals mission went south, Xaeron committed to continuing Braum's example by continuing to act publicly as a force for good while the rest of the Red Branch started to lay low.

Ignite first met Xaeron at the Pennons held at The Spark. He became a somewhat regular fixture in their missions since then.

Xaeron was made an inaugural Companion of the Golden Braid following its creation by High Queen Lenore.

Following the grand opening of the NOVEL Annex at the Grand Bes Din, Xaeron learned that he was to be part of a political marriage to Countess Neela of the Kingdom of Apples, an arrangement between houses Fiona and Dougal. One day later, Sophia proposed marriage to Xaeron; he accepted.

Personal Life and Beliefs

Xaeron originally subscribed to the Order of Shallot, believing that it was best to hold out for True Love to the exclusion of all other romantic entanglements; he later relaxed and renounced that belief thanks in part to Ignite's influence. He now enjoys a more open romantic life with many brief encounters—quite similar to Sophia's own. Xaeron and Sophia have admitted that they harbour deeper feelings of love towards one another.

His favourite artist is Imogen Heap, even if he doesn't necessarily listen to her all the time or enjoy the music in the same way as he did when her music came into his life.

Xaeron is quite an accomplished artist on his own, but rather inspires others in his real-life job as an art teacher.

His mortal name is George, though Xaeron no longer identifies with it or his previous mortal ties, an attitude common among Arcadian sidhe.

Xaeron fathered a litter of pups with Kaylie; as per custom, the pups remain under Garou care, so that they may learn and grow as wolves instead of becoming domesticated.


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