Art By: Ashley Lawrence
Kith: Arcadian Sidhe
Court: Seelie
Seeming: Wilder
House: Fiona

Age: ?
Build: 6'0"
Hair: Long, flowing blond hair.
Eyes: Green

Weapon: A beautiful steel sword, "Whisper".
Attire: Silver plate mail with Fiona colors.

Personality: Pleasant and confident.

Xaeron is a tall male Arcadian sidhe with long, flowing hair. People absolutely adore and flock to him.

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He was taught how to handle a gun by Braum, even though Braum does not remember it.

Xaeron is a quintessential knight, with perfect behaviour, manners and looks. He was first introduced at the Pennons celebrations. Everyone seems to swoon over him, want to be him and be with him.


Joining the motley for various missions. He was a Red Branch member, now a member of The Golden Braid. Sometimes ends up in "one of his moods", as described by Claude and Jonas.

Very Fiona in his lovelife.


His favourite artist is Imogen Heap, even if he doesn't necessarily listen to her all the time or enjoy the music in the same way as he did when her music came into his life.

Xaeron is quite an accomplished artist on his own, but rather inspires others in his real-life job as an art teacher.


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