Art By: N/A
Pronouns: He/Him
Kith: Redcap
Court: ?
Seeming: Wilder
House: ?

Age: ?
Build: Muscular
Hair: Hip-length, perfectly maintainted
Eyes: ?

Attire: Perfectly kept suit, fingerless gloves, oversized combat boots.

Personality: Extremely aggravating (if you ask Incisor)

Travis is a Redcap living in Montreal. FTM trans man.

Table of Contents


Has lived in Montreal for many years and appears to be protective of the city. Travis' history with Incisor is later told by her to Sophia.


First seen making Incisor ruin a traffic light control box by his mere existence and words. Over-polite to Sophia.


He turned up when a new Redcap chrysalised, actually kind of outdoing said little newcomer's own parents at being a good sort-of-mentor. Possibly, he is nicer than Incisor makes him out to be.


This character appears in the following episodes:
72. Halo
86. Scalebound
91. Kerplunk

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