The Spark

The Spark is a freehold that resides on the 13th floor of Westmount Square, near the Alexis Nihon Plaza and the Atwater metro station.



Known areas within The Spark are:

  • The Exhaust - the Freehold dive bar, although there is no other kind of bar available, is Claude's domain and group watering hole.
  • The Workshop - stoically guarded by the Keypad, Zistor Flexx's workshop holds tools of every imaginable shape, and operates under strict Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Offices - one each for Kyoko, Talus, Claude, Zistor, and our three heroes
  • A garden about the size of a city block, with a large lake.



Known as the location of Zistor Flexx's workshop, but for some reason has not become a popular place.


Standing tall in Westmount Square, as always.


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