Sybil's Tenderness

Tucked away underneath a mortal Irish pub, this hearth freehold continues to burn bright in Quebec City.


Down a set of concrete steps hidden to mortal eyes by the Dreaming, a much older Irish pub that serves the Kithain.


A hearth freehold owned and operated by Sybil, once the sight of an attack by enchanted mortals.


  • [[|Sybil], proprietor


Little is known of Sybil's Tenderness, other than the fact that the Red Branch (Braum & Kyoko) defended it from incursion by enchanted mortals.


Currently a meeting place for the Kithain of Quebec City.


This location appears in the following episodes:
14. Balderdash
43. Masterpiece
44. Jenga
112. Queen's Gambit
113. Call of Duty

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