Art By: N/A
Kith: Clurichaun
Court: Seelie
Seeming: Grump
House: N/A

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: ?
Build: ?
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?

Attire: ?

Personality: Hospitable, generous, grateful.

Sybil is the owner of Sybil's Tenderness, a hearth freehold in Quebec City.

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Unknown, other than being present at the time that some enchanted mortals attempted to capture Sybil's Tenderness (it was defended by Braum and Kyoko.


Currently owns the hearth freehold of Sybil's Tenderness in Quebec City. She was very happy to see Braum again, and was safekeeping a chip of Zistor's for Patches.


This character appears in the following episodes:
14. Balderdash
16. Chess
54. Checkers
112. Queen's Gambit
113. Call of Duty

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