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Changeling: The Streaming follows the story of three Changelings: Braum, Patches, and Sophia. The episodes of our stream have been chronicled below.

Days 01-10

01. Dungeons & Dragons
We meet Braum, Patches, and Sophia as they inherit a Freehold under questionable circumstances.
02. Pathfinder
Our group finishes their introductions and have their first visitors…
02a. Sophia's Hands (Bonus Stream)
Sophia tracks down the police officer who had ticketed her.
03. Paranoia
A new arrival at The Spark prompts Patches to dig into Zistor's files, while Sophia convinces Braum to let her explore his dreams.
04. Fate
Kaylie returns to The Spark with assailants in hot pursuit.
04a. Thrashing (Bonus Stream)
Patches and Incisor go Thrashing.
04b. Breakfast (Bonus Stream)
Braum and Sophia plan their next moves over breakfast.
05. Diplomacy
Sophia entertains a guest while the Kithain plan for Pennons, and a trip to Duke Granville's freehold is dramatically interrupted.
05a. Preparation (Bonus Stream)
Sophia makes plans for their Pennons celebrations.
06. Mortal Kombat
The Spark hosts Pennons!
06a. Give and Take (Bonus Stream)
In the aftermath of Pennons, Sophia and Braum get to know some of the attendees a bit better.
06b. Be Our Guest (Bonus Stream)
We follow Patches' end to Pennons.
07. Truth or Consequences
In the aftermath of Pennons, the motley tries to decide Little One's fate.
08. Dragon Age
The motley rush Little One out of the freehold as they plan their next move.
09. Midnight Party
The motley gets some advice on their next move and indulges in Samhain.
09a. Manilla (Bonus Stream)
Braum wakes up in a hotel room, alone, with a stack of manilla envelopes.
09b. Awakening (Bonus Stream)
Sophia wakes up in Kyoko's bedroom, Patches wakes up in the Dreaming.
10. Clue
In the aftermath of Samhain, the motley tries to find the freeholders still unaccounted for, and learn much more about them than they bargained for.

Days 11-20

11. Mascarade
The motley go in search of Zistor Flexx.
11a. Sophia's Sleep Struggles (Bonus Stream)
Sophia tries to stay awake.
12. Killer Bunnies
In the aftermath of Zistor's rescue, the motley try to free more of Braum's memories.
13. Classic Concentration
The motley unlocks some more of Braum's memories, and learns more about Kay.
Interlude 1
Several years ago, three get into position…
14. Balderdash
The motley visit the Duchess Eloyse's court in Quebec City.
15. Betrayal at House on the Hill
In the aftermath of the attack on the Duchess Eloyse, the motley tries to reassert control over the situation.
16. Chess
Sophia's curiosity about Jacques Durocher's activities lead the motley to meeting some new allies.
17. Jeopardy!
Meeting with the Garou provides some answers and leads to a discovery.
18. Sorry!
The motley connects with allies old and new.
18a. Love & War (Bonus Stream)
Braum & Kyoko help Lauren through her Chrysalis; Sophia & Kaylie trade blows and outfits.
19. Spyfall
The motley are called out on a rescue mission.
20. Mystery Date
The motley head to the Kingdom of Apples to get help with their next mission.

Days 21-30

21. The Resistance
The motley finally meets the commander of the Red Branch, and learn more about a new adversary.
22. Witch Hunt
The motley learns about Lady Helena's past, and try to uncover the traitor.
23. Salem
The motley plans for an attack on Abford Pharma and try to sniff out the traitor.
24. Operation
The freehold comes under a mortal threat.
24a. The Life of the Party (Bonus Stream)
Sophia insists Incisor takes her out "thrashing".
Bonus Content: Stars
Written by Elizabeth Neale.
25. Dread
The motley celebrate Yule at The Spark.
Bonus Content: The Thaw
Written by Elizabeth Neale.
26. Scythe
Tensions run high at the Spark as the inhabitants struggle to agree on an Abford Pharma plan of attack.
26a. Waiting for Togot (Bonus Stream)
Sophia makes her preparations for the assault on Abford Pharma.
26b. Preparing for Assault (Bonus Stream)
Patches and Braum both make their final preparations for the assault on Abford Pharma.
27. Spectre Ops
The motley infiltrates Abford Pharma, and gets more than they bargained for….
28. Risk
The motley finishes what they started at Abford.
29. Fog of Love
The motley celebrates Beltaine!
30. Love Letter
The night reaches a climax as Beltaine continues at The Spark.

Days 31-40

31. Ouija
In the aftermath of Beltaine, the motley faces an old threat… and a new reality.
32. Mille Bornes
The motley arrives in Seattle, and meet new friends… and rivals.
33. Knightmare
The motley learns more about the shadowy world of Kithain politics.
34. Girl Talk
A new crisis forces the motley to return to Cross' Shadow.
35. Risk Legacy
The motley each face their separate demons.
36. Key to the Kingdom
Braum confronts his demons and finds himself.
37. Mastermind
Sophia reclaims the Spark.
38. Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
Patches and Kyoko hunt for Duke Granville.
39. Shadows Over Camelot
The motley reconvenes to catch each other up on the momentous events of the past day.
40. Go
The motley runs down leads together.

Days 41-50

41. Sentinels of the Multiverse
The motley meets a new powerful ally… they assume.
42. Perfection
As Sophia continues to learn her Dreamcraft, Braum has several difficult conversations.
43. Masterpiece
The motley seeks to help Lauren, and throw themselves into the political turmoil.
44. Jenga
The motley make a big move… and discover a bigger threat.
45. Civilization
Will the motley build a civilization to stand the test of time, or destroy one?
46. Dominion
In this special marathon episode, the motley uncover several bombshells, and move to save High King David.
47. Cranium
The motley hears from High King David.
48. Castle Panic
The new Regent of Concordia calls for a tribunal.
49. Power Grid
The Regent's trial is hastily concluded amid a new crisis!
Interlude - The Debrief
Three years prior, Kyoko reports to Lord MacAllistar…
50. Changeling: the Lost
The battle rages outside the Spark, and the motley takes decisive action to end it.

Days 51-60

51. Personal Preference
The motley stands with Sophia as she makes a world-changing decision.
52. The Game of Life
The motley mounts a rescue.
53. Trivial Pursuit
The motley moves quickly to secure Kyoko and neutralize the Duchess Eloyse.
54. Checkers
The motley rests, and inadvertently stumbles upon a "new" threat.
55. Taboo
Sophia and the motley meet the Crystal Circle.
Chrysalis 1 - Braum
We discover the events leading up to Braum's Chrysalis
56. Exalted
The motley dreams, and finds a way forward.
Chrysalis 2 - Patches
We discover the events leading up to Patches' Chrysalis.
57. A Day at the Beach
The motley spends a day at the beach.
Chrysalis 3 - Sophia
We learn the events leading up to Sophia's Chrysalis.
58. Blockhead!
The motley visits the Grand Bes Din.
59. Timeline
The motley get their lives back to normal, until Sophia enters another dream….
60. 7 Wonders
Sophia's walk through Ramzia's dream reveals a possible solution to the Talus problem.

Days 61-70

61. Wits & Wagers
The research into Dauntains arrives, and not a moment too soon.
62. Ladies and Gentlemen
The motley learns a bit more of the truth, and gain access to a miraculous treasure.
63. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
The motley ventures into the Umbra with Kaylie as their guide!
64. Splendor
The motley journeys through the Far Dreaming.
65. When I Dream
Sophia and Braum enter the dreams of Talus.
66. Doom
The motley dares to venture into the Deep Dreaming.
67. Doom II
The motley encounters a powerful force within the Deep Dreaming.
68. Doom 3
The motley bring Talus to the point of no return.
69. Dream Daddy
Returned from the Dreaming, the motley celebrates Beltaine.
70. You Must be 18 or Older to Enter
The celebrations of Beltaine continue.

Days 71-80

71. To the Moon
The motley interview with the Unbroken Circle, and cultivate relationships.
72. Halo
A chance encounter leads Braum to declare his intentions for the future.
73. Fire Emblem
The motley heads to Tara-Nar and meet new friends… and enemies.
74. Chrono Trigger
The members of the Red Branch embark on their challenge.
75. Nidhogg
In the wake of Lenore's test, Braum and Sophia each navigate relationships.
76. Witch's Brew
The motley and the Golden Braid face off against High Lord Allenion ap Gwydion.
77. Forbidden Stars
The motley attend a ball.
78. Outfoxed!
The motley return to the Spark and decide on their next quest.
79. The Last of Us
The motley ventures off the Silver Path.
80. Star Fox
The motley return home and face their fates.

Days 81-90

81. Destiny
The motley confronts a foe.
82. Destiny 2
The motley's battle with Marley leads to some unintended consequences.
83. Dragonstrike
The motley revel in their success, but meet a new foe.
84. Monopoly
The motley get to know the Spark's new neighbors.
85. Two Rooms and a Boom
The motley face down a frigid threat.
86. Scalebound
The motley and their allies take new threats head-on.
87. Siege
The attack on the Spark comes to a head.
88. Ticket to Ride
The motley has a moment to breathe, and to love.
89. Bingo
Sophia and Patches investigate the Vampire menace while Braum announces his news.
90. One Night Ultimate Vampire
The motley tries to put out fires at a party.

Days 91-100

91. Kerplunk
A new Changeling is born.
92. Wheel of Fortune
The motley's luck starts to change.
93. Blood Bond
Sophia attends the vampires' conclave, Elysium.
94. Vampire: The Masquerade - Heritage
The Vampire conclave comes to a head.
95. Probe
The motley visits a Garou cairn for contrition.
96. Death Wish
Braum and Sophia participate in choosing a new Sept Elder.
97. Roulette
The motley learn of a terrible threat facing Montreal.
98. Hive
The Garou descend on the Hive.
99. A Game of Marriage
The motley plans for bachelor and bachelorette parties!
100. Hearts
A bachelor party, a bachelorette, and a wedding.

Days 101-110

101. Dream Phone
Braum and Kyoko have a wedding reception.
102. Betrayal Legacy
After the wedding reception, the motley search for a missing friend.
103. Rampage
Two-thirds of the motley try to stay ahead of catastrophe.
104. Codenames
Sophia and Braum find themselves inside a closing trap.
105. Forbidden Sky
Patches tries to free herself from captivity while her motley mates search.
106. Anomia
The motley follow up on a lead, and lead themselves into a firefight.
107. Charades
The motley attempt to find out more from the Cursed Selkie.
108. Barrel of Monkeys
Pursuing leads on Broken Flight ends in joy and tragedy.
Broken Flight's Prophecy
Broken Flight is based on an old prophecy, one copy of which is kept by Queen Laurel at Caer Frost.
109. A War of Whispers
Sophia has a revelation about the prophecy; Braum is pursued by enemies.
110. 1st & Goal
The motley interrogates a member of Broken Flight.

Days 111-120

111. The Generals
The motley find their enemy, and a friend.
112. Queen's Gambit
The conflict with Broken Flight comes to a head!
113. Call of Duty
Broken Flight has been broken, but not defeated.
114. Guess Who?
Patches and Braum reunite two families.
115. Gran Turismo
The motley finds an old friend in need.
116. Animal Crossing
The motley tie up loose ends.
117. Together
The motley take part in some courtly love.
118. Gala
The Grand Bes Din's new wing is opened!
119. Press the Button
The motley parties at the gala and are confronted with mysterious attendees.
120. Underwater Cities
The motley learns of an upcoming alliance with far-reaching implications.

Days 121-130

121. Mass Effect
The motley find unique ways of undoing a political alliance.
122. Knights on Bikes
The motley greet a new arrival at the Spark, and break some bad news to them.
123. Villainous
The motley navigate a political quagmire.
124. Never Have I Ever
Beltaine arrives to the Spark!
125. Red Rover
Beltane celebrations continue with games.
126. Crusader Kings
The motley takes on the political challenges in Montreal.
127. Rolling Stone
Sophia and Patches meet a recluse; Braum discovers Kyoko's current project.
128. Don't Get Got!
After talking down a dangerous situation, Xaeron and Sophia enjoy their bachelor(ette) parties!
129. Counting Candies
Sophia and Xaeron get married!
130. Labyrinth
The motley confronts Mazer.

Days 131-136 (End)

131. A Question of Scruples
The aftermath of Mazer's attack leads to a new kind of challenge.
132. Dreams!
The new Countess has her authority put to the test.
133. Changeling: The Dreaming
Sophia decides to be forthright with another noble, and gets more than she bargained for.
134. Changeling: The Dreaming Second Edition
The motley attempt to retake Heart's Light from Duke Velan and House Balor.
135. Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition
The motley and their friends fight for their lives.
136. Changeling: The Streaming
The motley moves on.

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