The Sapphire Eye

The freehold is located in a fancy area of Seattle. It is on the upper floor of a restaurant called Oak and Dagger.



A common-room leads into one corridor on the right and one to the left. Guestrooms, offices and a dinner hall are all parts of the freehold.

There is a hockey rink, generally filled with eager childlings.


  • Countess Weyer of House Liam and freeholder
  • Count Spencer, married to the countess Weyer
  • Reggie, an odious Boggan servant who dislikes nobles
  • Brennan, a small Boggan squire
  • Dener, Eshu grump supervising childlings
  • Feeney, a Sluagh childling collecting rocks




Every denizen here is very admiring of lady Sophia's concert a few years ago - but most are questioning as to why she received a title out of it.


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