Riverside Designs

Located on the 12th floor of Westmount Square, just under the-spark.



A very chic architectural firm, complete with board rooms overlooking the city to impress clients, and drafting tables for when the architects decide to go oldschool.


  • Patches, Architect.
  • Susan, a colleague.


Founded in the '50s, they had just completed a prestigious contract when spots in Westmount Square were opening up - so of course they had to get an office location to match their image.


After being purchased by Jigg Grifter, the building was fully renovated. Unfortunately it was then found to be filled with a group of vampires, and a certain dragon burned the floor to near-destruction.


This location appears in the following episodes:
84. Monopoly
86. Scalebound
87. Siege
89. Bingo

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