Kith: Pooka (fox)
Court: ?
Seeming: Wilder
House: ?

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: (see spoilers below)
Build: ? Fox pooka, App 5
Hair: Brownish red, kind of wild, fox ears poking out
Eyes: ?

Attire: Something that allows her tail to swing free.

Personality: Mysterious and quiet, wise.

Ramzia is a fox pooka who seems to have some knowledge in dream-walking and -crafting, Oneiromancy.

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When Ramzia was introduced to Kithain society, Duke Granville already had his ducal title. She lived at The Spark during her fostering, being coddled and fussed over by all changelings except Zistor Flexx. He, rather, taught her to use a welder and other things that caused "bruises on her knees". This, she tells the motley, she very much liked.

It was known from her Saining that she would be a great Oneiromancer.

Ramzia came to visit The Spark together with Lauren, since Sophia had expressed an interest to Baya to learn more about Oneiromancy.


Ramzia is helping Sophia learn more about Oneiromancy, by walking and interfering in dreams.


The Pooka turns out to be a Siochain, one of the eternally living, who balance perfectly between Glamour and Banality. She has been searching for her true, starcrossed love for aeons. Together with the motley, she at long last tracks down, in the Dreaming, a person named Lal.


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