Art By: X
Kith: Selkie
Court: -
Seeming: -
House: -

Pronouns: He/Him
Age: -
Build: -
Hair: -
Eyes: -

Attire: -

Personality: -

Found in a seemingly abandoned warehouse, he was bound by floating bonds and seemed to be under some form of curse to prevent him from speaking.

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Little is known about the details of Parris' history, but he is Halleah's sister, and they seem to care deeply about eachother.


After being rescued from a warehouse full of armed Broken Flight lackeys, Ignite brought him back to The Spark, where they tried to figure out what was preventing him from speaking intelligibly. They eventually understood that he was under the influence of a Geas.

Once Broken Flight and their leaders were dealt with, he was released of his burdens and left with Halleah to spend her exile in The Kingdom of White Sands.


This character appears in the following episodes:
106. Anomia
107. Charades
108. Barrel of Monkeys
114. Guess Who?
116. Animal Crossing

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