Art By: KungFuFenris
Kith: Clurichaun
Court: ?
Seeming: ?
House: ?

Pronouns: He/Him
Age: ?
Build: Slightly taller than Patches.
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?

Attire: Carries a chimerical dagger.

Personality: Polite and seemingly dangerous.

Padraic is an associate to Zistor Flexx. He speaks with an Irish dialect.

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Little is known about the clurichaun's history. He goes some way back with Zistor.


He has reached out to the motley on behalf of Zistor after having killed Markus. Padraic warned them for Markus' methods in using spiders as assassins.

The Clurichaun has acted as an ally to the motley on several occasions, and visited quite a few times during the past months.

At one time, he helped a knife-wounded Patches to get back to The Spark. After this, he seems to have developed a closer interest for her, possibly attraction or romantic in nature.

He also admitted to Patches that he is a member of the Unbroken Circle, after she spotted a circular brand on his skin.


Padraic turns out to be a lousy cook, during a dinner date with Patches.


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