Art By: KungFuFenris
Kith: Unknown, possibly a chimera?
Court: n/a
Seeming: n/a
House: n/a

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: n/a
Build: An old crone who bears traces of earlier beauty. Sagging skin, piercing eyes.
Hair: White, thin, stripy
Eyes: -

Attire: Worn, torn clothes

Personality: Vengeful

The person known as Marley may be a chimera, or may be something else of the Dreaming entirely.

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Marley approached Sophia when the latter was celebrating Christmas in a log cabin in the mountains of Canada. The crone approached and wanted Sophia to take her father Gerald's coat, which she claimed he had stolen from her. Sophia refused the nasty hag, and eventually made her go away with not only fiery words but also a fire bolt.


Marley turns up in the Dreaming, as the motley is out to save Ramzia's long lost love. She attacks along with a myriad of black birds.

Later, Marley manages to get to The Spark, and battle ensues.


This character appears in the following episodes:
79. The Last of Us
80. Star Fox
81. Destiny
82. Destiny 2

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