Malcolm Chambers

Malcolm Chambers

Race: Human
Type: Mage
Affiliation: Virtual Adept?
Sect: ?

Age: 50+?
Build: ?/?
Hair: Greying?
Eyes: ?

Attire: Tweed?

Personality: Somewhat lofty, anglo-supremacist

Malcolm Chambers is the father of Patches.

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Malcolm Chambers stayed in the UK, specifically England, when Patches' mother and him separated, and the latter two went to stay in Canada.


Mr Chambers calls his daughter out of the blue, saying he is going to come visit her in Canada. "Looking forward to seeing the old colonies."

Things go very smoothly for him on the way over. VERY smoothly. Almost… supernaturally so?


This character appears in the following episodes:
92. Wheel of Fortune
93. Blood Bond
95. Probe
97. Roulette
103. Rampage

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