"Little One"

"Little One"

Art By: Vektorweg
Type: Dragon
Court: ?
Seeming: Baby
House: Flexx

Age: Baby
Build: Smol
Skin: Silvery
Eyes: Pained

Armour: Scales haven't grown yet
Weapon: Bite/Claw

Personality: Recovering, lost, uncertain.

"Little One", a baby dragon, can be found in the dungeon beneath The Spark.

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Zistor Flexx was the caretaker for "Little One" before Braum, Patches, and Sophia found her.
The dragon's real name is unknown, but Zistor called her "Little One" and that's all the Freeholders have to go on.

Zistor has left on a quest to find the mother dragon, giving instructions to The Spark's other kithain for the baby's care in his absence.


"Little One" bears several injuries of an unknown nature, but is recovering under the care of The Spark's residents, including our heroes.


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