Art By: Laurent Duhamel
Kith: Rabbit Pooka
Court: ?
Seeming: Wilder
House: ?

Age: ?
Build: 5'10", "Pretty thin"
Hair: White, worn in a ponytail with her ears tucked into it.
Eyes: Light blue

Attire: Kyoko wears a pencil skirt and a shirt with 1992 video game titles plastered all across it, as well as wire rimmed glasses with yellow tinted lenses.

Personality: Nerdy / geeky, a bit awkward.

She's a sweetheart who speaks pookaese with a perfectly straight face.

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Kyoko has been a denizen of The Spark for a long time. She appears to also have known Braum and others for at least a decade.

The pooka is described as having a lot of love in her, and is often affectionate with those she likes.

She is clearly very adept at computers and tech in general, being able to hack and sneak into all manner of computer systems. Maybe she can even access Montreal's CCTV system?


Generally and most often sitting at her desk, probably playing video games.

It was revealed that Kyoko is, in fact, Lady Kyoko of house Gwydion, and that she, too, is a member of the Red Branch. Ten years ago she did a very brave infiltration of Abford Pharma in her bunny form, and participated in the disastrous mission there.
She considered Kay one of her best friends. Because of this, she never admitted her romantic feelings towards Braum.


During Pennons, she spent the night with Sophia, both of them in agreement that it didn't mean they were a couple. The two have since been very close friends, with Kyoko often coming to Sophia to open her heart.


Kyoko's full name is revealed in episode 89 to be Hideo Kyoko (ひでお きょこ, kanji unknown), and she has a brother living in Florida. The rabbit pooka is quite well educated, and has two PhD's.


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