Kaylie Quiet-on-the-Hunt


A.K.A. Quiet-on-the-Hunt

Art By: n/a
Type: Garou
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Black Furies
Rank: Fostern

Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: 22
Build: 5'2", Average weight
Hair: Black pixie cut with blue streaks
Eyes: Steel-grey

Attire: Blue jeans and a black turtleneck, with a donut shaped stone hanging around her neck.

Personality: Cautious, curious about ways of life other than her own

A werewolf who is acquainted with Zistor Flexx. She is a member of the Black Furies, an all-female faction of werewolves.

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She claims to have left an item with Zistor Flexx to repair, a year ago. The item is something she said to be a container for a spirit called a Pattern Spider, but she had little information on the subject, having been sent to attend to the task by her Alpha and not asked any questions.


She arrived within minutes of Patches activating a spider-like device, and wanted the item back. Patches lied about knowing what it was. Later that night, Patches found out that Kaylie had an appointment scheduled with Zistor the next week.

The afternoon before their meeting, she was found under attack in the lobby of their building, and was brought up to The Spark to heal and rest overnight.

After the attack on the Lobby, Kaylie spoke more with Sophia about her life, and about leadership. She expressed an interest in attending Pennons to watch Sophia's performance. More senior Garou tasked her with staying with the Kithain, to learn about them and foster understanding between the species.

An understanding certainly developed, when [[changelingts:xaeron|sir Xaeron]] laid eyes on her and fell in instant love. The two had a relationship, and Kaylie was very satisfied with having sir Xaeron being the father of a litter of cubs, as he is noble, honourable, a good warrior and also handsome.

Kaylie grows as a person, and remains a friend and ally to the denizens of the Spark.


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