Lady Kay


Art By: eiragwen

Kith: Selkie
Court: Seelie
Seeming: Wilder
House: Gwydion

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: Late 30s
Build: Short with a curvy swimmer's build.
Hair: Long, lavendar
Eyes: Dark brown

Attire: She prefers to dress comfortably in blues and greens, and she is never without a braided leather necklace with a bone seal pendant. Among the Kithain, she likes to dress with a vaguely renaissance bent - a long, tunic like shirt dress over leggings and soft boots and accessorized with leather bracers and thick belts.

Personality: Not much is known about Kay's personality, though she has been described by others as being highly social and empathetic. Her specialty appears to be dealing with people.

A figment of memories and dreams, Kay is a person from Braum's past. Existing, perhaps for now, only as a scattering of muddied recollections, Kay's current state and location are a mystery.


Much of Kay's history is obfuscated in Braum's missing memories, but the following is presumed to be true:

  • Presumed to originally have hailed from the Kingdom of Northern Ice, Kay moved to Montreal.
  • Kay served as a member of the Red Branch of House Gwydion.
  • August 2006 - Kay was transferred to serve in the Kingdom of Northern Ice for 1 year, separating her from her partner, Braum.
    • Braum and Kay swore the Oath of Clasped Hands (friendship) in Valdez, Alaska.
  • January 2008 - In the wake and recovery of a mission, Kay revealed her feelings for Braum and also unveiled her knowledge of his mortal wife, Claire's infidelity.
  • June 2008 - Kay hosts a scavenger hunt for Braum as a celebration of their growing relationship. For unknown reasons, she encouraged Braum to make their relationship more public to their fellow knights, so they'd know the 'lay of the land.'
    • Braum and Kay swore the Oath of True Hearts, and exchanged a fountain penny and a seal pendant as tokens of the oath at the Montreal City Hall Fountain.
  • During a mission to destroy the Rocket, an invention of Zistor, Kay was fatally wounded with cold iron.


Kay is presumed dead at this time, though her Fae Soul was saved by Braum who killed her before she could succumb to a cold iron death. As a selkie, her Fae Soul is passed on through her coat, which is missing but "as safe as it can be."

Kay appears in memories and dreams of Braum. Recently, he had a dream where he appeared to be able to actively communicate with her rather than simply reliving a memory, but it was cut short by Rick.


  • "Stop thinking about what's right and start thinking about what's just. Forget David and Laurel. Fuck the Dreaming. Aren't you tired of everyone and everything telling you what to do?"
  • "No one knows this side of me… No one sees this but you."
  • "I can't run any more. It's not up to me. But… I need to know. Now that I'm caught, what do you intend to do about it?"


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