Hirgo the Hero

Art By: Laurent Duhamel
Type: Chimera

Pronouns: He/Him
Age: unknown
Build: not so tall
Hair: hairy
Eyes: yes

Attire: fur and heroics

Personality: Absolutely insufferably overbearingly martyric

Hirgo is a chimera the motley meets in the Dreaming.


Hirgo has a history of heroics. Hirgo knows only misery. Hirgo wants to ride the lead train to Fucksville.


Hirgo could not ride the lead train to Fucksville. But Patches managed to make him believe he had, but been resurrected. Truly a choice of Dán and the gods! Hirgo is a true hero!

The miseries of Hirgo

Everything. Everything is a horrible misery for Hirgo. Hirgo who cannot die. Hirgo the hero. Hirgo the whiner. Hirgo the rugged dark hero with raspy voice.


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