Baroness Helena

Lady Helena, Baroness

Art By: KungFuFenris
Kith: Sidhe
Court: unknown
Seeming: Wilder
House: Gwydion

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: unknown
Build: Pale, slender when in elvish clothes, ripped when in tighter garb. App 6.
Hair: White, long
Eyes: unknown

Attire: Of white cloth?

Personality: Troubled

Lady Helena is a baroness and member of the Red Branch.


The baroness was part of the operation against Abford Pharma ten years ago. She was one of those who got grievously injured, or permanently incapacitated, during it.

Current - SPOILERS!

The horrors she experienced left lady Helena scarred in her soul, and she spends most of her time in Terra's Glade. Her Banality is very high.

Still in heart a Red Branch knight.


Later, the lady Helena regains some of her life-energy, and shows quite a joie de vivre. The Gwydion has a lot of bravery and muscles hidden behind a slightly vulnerable facade.


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