Jigg Grifter

Jigg Grifter

Art By: n/a
Kith: Nocker
Court: ?
Seeming: Wilder
House: ?

Pronouns: He/Him
Age: Middle-aged or older
Build: 5'5"< / App 3
Hair: Nocker
Eyes: ?

Attire: Very well-tailored suit. Swirls continue from body to lining of suit. Wears exquisite dragon-hide gloves.

Personality: Intense, seems unused to not get what he wants.

Jigg Grifter is a business entrepeneur that seems to be swimming in money. Or possibly yachting.

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Jigg is a Nocker known for buying patents. He has some device to detect genius ideas. Even Zistor was approached but gave him the boot - twice. His company, Gierz, does appear to allow him to throw money around like twin babies flinging toys.

Somewhere along the way he picked up a secretary, Millicent, a sluagh.

So far, no one has caught the Nocker doing anything directly illegal.


Mr Grifter was in no uncertain terms put down by Patches, despite the incredible amount of money he offered for her invention, the very first time he turned up in any of our PC's lives. So instead, he's bought out the architect company she works for, which is on the floor below The Spark.

Zistor and Kyoko reveals that he has been under scrutiny, discreet or otherwise, at least twice. Neither the Grand Bes Din nor the Red Branch knights were able to find anything directly illegal, or suspicious. Not even the dragon-hide gloves he wears appear to have been procured with less than honest means.

Turns out, the hoarder of patents and money did, in fact, use to be a dragon. Details are unknown, but Scythe called him out on it when first she met him.


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