Grand Bes Din

The Grand Bes Din is the largest of all Nocker freeholds, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.



Wild and wacky nocker inventions occupy every corner of this massive freehold. In the basement, a warehouse of a room exists with sole purpose of archiving every nocker patent in existence (the brainchild of Zistor Flexx.


  • Fuse Terwilliger, representative of the Grand Bes Din
  • Britches, "greeter"
  • Lanta, Nocker inventor/miner
  • Blockhead, archives controller
  • Grimman, head chef


More of a patent office than a freehold, the Grand Bes Din exists to recognize (and archive) nocker inventions. It also allows for nockers to conduct research, and craft to their heart's content.


Patches was selected by the Grand Bes Din to design a new wing,


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