Gerald Aisling

Gerald Aisling

Kith: Human

Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 55
Build: 5'8" / stocky build
Hair: light brown, short
Eyes: blue

Attire: No matter what outfit he wears, he is rarely without his unique patchwork coat

Personality: creative, well-spoken, flighty

Gerald Aisling is Sophia's father.

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Gerald Aisling is a poet, a creative soul, and one of the few who encouraged Sophia's active imagination when she was growing up. He encouraged her to dream, aided by the "wishes and words" carried in the pockets of his mystical patchwork coat.

When Sophia was fully grown, it was revealed that the coat was a treasure stolen from a magical and dangerous creature named Marley. He believes that it is only the power of the coat that has enabled him to become such a renewed poet.

Gerald has been enchanted on several occasions, including being a guest at Tara Nar where his daughter was named the High Queen's Advisor of Dreams.


Gerald is currently living in the Eastern Townships with Sophia's other family.


This character appears in the following episodes:
76. Witch's Brew
77. Forbidden Stars
81. Destiny
82. Destiny 2
129. Counting Candies

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